Mourning The Loss of A Great Man

AFM Sheriff Winders


When you think of a police officer, you think of the words to protect and serve. Those words were exemplified by the man Wayne County called Sheriff. Carey Winders was more than just a sheriff he was friend to all keeping loyal to his country roots and I believe that he never met a stranger. I first met Sheriff Winders when my dad was Chief of Police in a small town that we moved to after I graduated from high school. He was a man who earned the respect and love of all those in the county. He was elected in 1994 and has been sheriff for over 20 years.

My dad decided to leave the position of chief not long after my second daughter was born he approached Sheriff Winders for a job. He immediately told my dad that he had a job. My dad worked with the Sheriff’s Department from that time until he retired a few years ago he decided he needed to retire since he was in 70’s. But Sheriff Winders always treated my dad with respect and still called him Chief.

When I woke this morning to see that he had died I thought it was a joke. But sadly it wasn’t. I will have to say that I am proud to say that this man is someone that we all can look up to. His life was cut to short as he was only 57 years old. A massive heart attack claimed his life this morning.

Who knows why God chose to take such a pillar in our community? All I know is that Heaven gained an awesome law man. My heart and prayers go out to his wife and three daughters. And also to his two granddaughters ( who were just born last year) they will never get to know what a wonderful man their grandpa really was.

As it was so eloquently put on Facebook by a dear friend Carol Bowden , who is the News Director at Curtis Media Group. ” The heart of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office broke today…prayers for the family of men and women who served with Carey Winders and his family of girls at home.”

Even Governor Pat McCrory, the Governor of North Carolina, issued a statement about this great man’s death.

Governor McCrory Releases Statement
Raleigh, NC – Governor Pat McCrory issued the following statement upon learning of the passing of Wayne County Sheriff Carey Winders. “Ann and I are saddened to learn of the loss of Wayne County Sheriff Carey Winders. Sheriff Winders was a beloved member of his community, held in high esteem and admired for his faith, values and love for his family. His service to Wayne County since 1994 made his community a better place to live, work and play. We would like to offer our support and prayers for his wife, Teresa, and their children Ashley, CArianne and Jessica.”

He has left a big hole in the heart of our county and the Sheriff’s Department that I don’t think will ever be filled.

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  1. He sounds like quite an amazing man. I am so sorry to hear that he passed away at such a young age. It’s difficult to understand why things like that happen.

  2. Loss is so difficult, especially when it is unexpected like this. May the happy memories help you and his family during the difficult times.

  3. So sorry for your loss. 57 years just is not long enough, I know how unfair it can feel to lose someone before their time. It sounds like he was a great man.

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