The Simple Kindness of the Railhawks

This year I have seen firsthand the kindness of some of the players from the Carolina Railhawks. I am totally impressed with the scenes that I was a witness to. Now before you start to get skeptical that maybe it was for the benefit of the media. But folks, I have seen it happen on more than one occasion. Don’t believe me just read on.

Last year, one of Mikaela’s friend asked former Railhawks player, Kenny Walker, who now plays for the LA Galaxy for his jersey. He said he couldn’t give him his jersey but he did give him the shirt he was wearing under it.

Enzo signing his boots

This year, a kid asked Enzo Martinez for his cleats (boots) and Enzo gladly took them off and signed them for the little boy to have. I was able to snap a picture this time. Enzo is one of those players who goes above and beyond.

Then at the last game I saw two instances where players went above and beyond. One little boy asked Scott Goodwin for his goalie gloves and Scott said sure and took a Sharpie out and signed both of them. I am so impressed with him. He is way too good to be a backup goalie – I am afraid that we are going to lose him for next year.

leo and mikaela

Then there was Leo Osaki. Leo is a favorite of ours. He is a native of Japan. He gave away his shin guards after the last game. Mikaela has one. I know there are more instances of their kindness but these are just a few I have witnessed.

Don’t you love it when players give back? Have you seen instances of kindness where you live? Share to show that there are still good people in this world.

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