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I have been very happy to be able to connect with old friends through Facebook. But I love when I can help them out with their businesses as well. This brings me to my friend, Rhonda. I went to high school with her and I noticed that she had her own store in a town that is about 30 minutes or so away from us depending on the traffic. So I decided to stop by and visit her.

Tre Faye Boutique is a quaint little shop off of the Main Street in Benson. I was so impressed with how Rhonda personally knew each customer and knew exactly what their tastes were. To see Southern hospitality like that is very rare these days. Her shop is like a home away from home.

Tre Faye Boutique fresheners

She offered me one of her room fresheners to review and all I can say that I am in love. Not only is the holder gorgeous and elegant but the amount of scents that I could choose from where just mind boggling. I will admit that I had a hard time picking just one but once I smelled the Pina colada one, which is my favorite scent, I was hooked. I love that I could pick a glass to place in the holder to match my décor. With so many air fresheners out on the market today you are kind of stuck with what you see is what you get – allowing for no personalization but the fresheners sold at Tre Faye are not like that.

While I was there I also picked up a dress/ shirt that I will be reviewing on Champagne Style Bare Budget later in the week. So if you are looking for a shop with a ton of Southern Hospitality and cute items then check out Trey Faye and tell Rhonda, her high school friend says Hey!!!

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  1. I think the pina colada smell would be perfect for me because virgin pina coladas were my favorite drinks whenever I went to the beach in my country.

  2. I wonder if there are allergy free scents. We have some serious allergies going on in our house.

  3. I love the south. There is definitely no hospitality like that up here in Boston 😉

  4. I love when you can find one of those small businesses where they know their customers. That is so rare these days. That warmer is beautiful.

  5. That is a beautiful warmer! I do love a good small boutique. You can find the best treasures in there!

  6. That is gorgeous! I love when the accent pieces we pick for our homes, like this warmer, are almost elegant but fit so well with our home’s “feel”. Love it!

  7. Pina colada smells awesome so I might have picked that one too! The warmer is really nice too and would easily fit in my decor.

  8. You can never go wrong with a good room freshener! I love anything beachy smelling.

  9. Southern hospitality and graciousness is something that is missing up north. It would be nice to see some up here as well. I am sure I would find a fragrance and holder I liked!

  10. That’s pretty nice of you to help spread the word about your high school friend’s store. I’m sure she will appreciate you a lot for that. I love going to little store like that where you feel welcomed in! =)

  11. I love it when I can support my friends businesses. I love the look of the room freshener. It is very stylish.

  12. I am a huge lover of scents! The holder is simply gorgeous and I would love the Pina Colada scent to make me think of summer year round!

  13. What a nice way to reconnect with an old friend! Sounds like a great deal for you to get to check out the shop and try something and now she gets some possible new customers! I would have had a hard time picking the air freshener too!

  14. This sounds like a great place to shop for a variety of different items. I love places like this!

  15. I love little companies like that. They do make you feel special. Sounds like a really nice place to shop.

  16. I miss living in the south. The north is very different. I am all about good scents. Sounds like a great business.

  17. Her shop sounds awesome! I love the quaint little shops where the owners refer to you by name. Especially quaint little shops with great merchandise!

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