Bringing Sexy Back to Wedding Dresses

When my husband and I got married 20 years ago, we did not have a big wedding. In fact we did not have a wedding at all. We ended up eloping to Dillon, South Carolina. At the time the only thing we were focused on was getting married but looking back I sometimes regret that we didn’t have a big wedding with family and friends. We have toyed in the past of renewing our vows with a big wedding but I am still not sure about that. But I do know that I would love a ceremony that would allow us to share with our our daughters and our closest family and friends that we are stronger than ever. That has been on my mind a lot lately.

I also miss the fact that there is no wedding dress to hand down to future generations. That is a little sad to me. Because after all the point of having a wedding beside celebrating your love for one another is the dress. Come on let’s face it the dress is the main focus of any wedding. Why do brides spend hours agonizing over the right dress if it wasn’t that important? With the idea of a vow renewal in my mind I went in search of some dresses.

I am not normally one to like sexy mermaid wedding dresses from dressv  because I am a little bottom half heavy. But I will say that I fell in love with some that are less fitting around the booty. Just look at this one

mermaid vintage 1

It is just perfect for a vow renewal. I love the way that it just flows. It is not your tradition mermaid gown but it is still a mermaid. And if I wanted to go with a vintage look than this dress would fit the bill.

vintage dress

I love the look of the top of the dress and the fact that it is not so form fitting for me works. But if I was really out for the wow factor than I would chose this one.

wedding red

Who says a bride has to wear white? No matter if you are getting married for the first time or maybe your third or if you are renewing your vows DressV has the right wedding dress for you. Just check out  the selection of wedding dresses they have online and I am sure you will agree.


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  1. That red one has SEXY written all over it. I got married in red at my second wedding, second husband in Las Vegas.

  2. I am LOVING that red dress. It’s very sexy. I got married in Vegas, so I was in a t-shirt and jeans LOL.

  3. I rented my wedding dress.. $350! Best thing I’ve ever done… My girls would never want my dress, so I’m glad I did it.. The only benefit would have been to maybe making a baby blanket out of it.

  4. I bought my wedding dress and still have it but my daughter’s style is so different than my own that I don’t see her wearing it. I can actually see her wearing black. 🙂

  5. I never thought I would have to go wedding shopping again, but it looks like one day I just may have too. I am currently going through the divorce process. I love the unique look of the red colored one. May be just what I need if i ever marry again.

  6. That red one is beautiful, but I would not wear it for my wedding. I like a more modest style

  7. My Mom has never quite forgiven me for not getting married–she wanted to make my dress herself! I definitely love the red one—and yes–I did mention back then that I wanted a black dress–I was vetoed!

  8. I love the red one.I always wanted to do our wedding all over agai.I would love to have a purple dress :).

  9. I love the dresses. Buying a wedding dress was one of my favourite things to do. I loved my dress and I still have it in my closet.

  10. I love these styles, they look more vintage. I am not normally a dress person but I would even not mind wearing that first one.

  11. Gorgeous dresses. You should definitely renew your vows and wow your husband in one of these. It sounds like something you want to do and would be such a fun celebration for you and your family.

  12. Those are romantic sexy, I like them. I think if the ceremony is on your mind and will make you happy that you should do it. 🙂

  13. Those are gorgeous! When I first read your title and the word “sexy” I have to say my first thought was trashy, super revealing dresses and that just is not me! But these are definitely NOT that and yes, I would say sexy! Have fun with your vow renewal!!

  14. I like the first one alot the other two are not really my cup of two. I really like dresses even wedding dresses with plunging necklines and are form fitting with super long trains.

  15. At my first ceremony we had a Hindu ceremony and I wore red. We did a Christian blessing with white.

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