Must See Movie: Alexander #VeryBadDay

I received two complimentary tickets to attend the prescreening. However, that does not  affect the opinions expressed  which are 100% mine. 

 alexander review

I will have to say that there is not a movie that I so could relate to than Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, NO GOOD, VERY BAD DAY. Change day to year and that is what my year has been like. But just like Alexander I have learned to look on the bright side of things. To say that I loved this movie would be a total underestimate of the how much I LOVED this movie. I don’t think I have laughed such much at any movie. Disney hit a home run with this one. The teacher in mean loves that it was based a children’s book. The cast was fabulous and that little baby, Trevor was such a cutie. The scene where he is peeing in the kitchen is beyond funny.

This movie is for every age group, mind you there were a few adult words (not cuss words) but it is still a movie that I would recommend. There was a mom and her three boys sitting in front of us in the theater and before the movie the boys were not happy. The oldest had to be around 8 or so and the other two I would say around 4ish or 5ish. The two younger boys cried while waiting for the movie to start.  First because they wanted to sit with their friends, then because they wanted snacks and finally because they wanted the movie to start. I thought to myself great I guess I won’t be able to enjoy the movie. But once Alexander started the boys were totally involved in the movie. I don’t think I heard them speak even after the movie was over. Yes it was that good of a movie.

I even saw an adult woman watching it with her adult son. So when I say that this is a movie for everyone I meant just that. I don’t think there was anything that was said about the movie.

This would definitely be a movie that I will pay money to see again. In fact, I was thinking of taking my girls to see it this weekend. So if you looking for something to do this weekend then check out Alexander as it opens in theaters today. You won’t want to miss this movie.

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  1. I was super bummed to have to skip the preview here in NYC. I’ve been wondering if I should plan to take the fam and I appreciate your review. Great to hear that you loved it!

  2. You know, I saw posters for this movie the last time we were at a theater and it sounded cute, but I thought “we don’t have kids” so I figured it was a “kids movie” but after reading your review, it sounds like it could be cute anyway! I think this may be our next movie date night!

  3. I really want to see this movie! Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll get to see it in the theaters but that will give me something to look forward to – the DVD release!

  4. I was so delighfully surprised the my son picked this movie as the one he wanted to go see. Usually he picks animated when it’s his turn. I can’t wait!

  5. I saw a preview for this the other day on Kelly and Michael when Steve was on it. It looked so funny. I must see it sometime, but probably won’t in the theaters lol

  6. I know kiddo wants to see this. Not sure if we will or not as so many kids moving are out/coming out and with only having her on weekends with a million other things to do, we have to pick the ones we want to see the most.

  7. The more I read about this movie the more I want to go see it. Luckily I have no problem going into movie theaters alone (I am single with no kids) to watch an essentially kids movie. I LOVE Disney.

  8. I am definitely going to see this. I missed out on the screening but I’m not going to miss the movie. Looks like a lot of fun!

  9. I can’t wait to see this movie! I’ll have to volunteer to watch my Nephew soon – I think he’d really like it!! I love “kids” movies that adults can enjoy too!!

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