Create a Romantic Look Worthy of Any Road Trip

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Create A Romantic Look Worthy of Any Road Trip

I love taking road trips. There is nothing I love more than getting into the car and riding the open road. But if I am uncomfortable then all bets are off. With road trips, you never know where we will end up so not only do I have to put being comfortable in the equation I also have to factor in the versatility of an outfit.

Here are my tips for creating a romantic look worthy of any road trip.

flowy shirt

First keep your outfit loose and flowing. Now I am not  talking about looking like a bum, but everything doesn’t have to form fitting. One of my favorite road trip outfits is a cute dress, a pair of leggings, a scarf and a pair of boots. Not only am I comfortable but it is also a look that is pretty versatile.


Second look at your outfit and accessorize. Even a pair of jeans and t-shirt can be dressed up with the right accessories. Think scarves, jewelry, belts and even a cute little jacket.


Third, always bring a jacket or sweater, even if you don’t believe that you will need one. Weather, especially North Carolina weather can change at any moment, so it is always nice to have this if you get too chilly. Plus the right jacket or sweater can make or break an outfit.

maxi dress

Maxi dresses or maxi skirts. These are so versatile that they can be done as casual or dressy as the need to be.

My last tip is that you need to find a great place to shop for these items. I have been lucky enough to find several stores like ModCloth that are my go to stores when it comes to finding comfortable as well as versatile clothes. Any right now they are offering new customers $20 off $100+ when you sign up on the ModCloth site

So those are my tips for having a style on a road trip. What are some of yours?

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