Rejection By Email

Rejection by Email

Have you ever sent an email to either a person you admire or a company you would like to work with? If you have then you know what I am talking about but if you haven’t sit back and be entertained and educated as you learn the stages of rejection by email. The first step is having enough courage to send the email in the first place. You spend a lot of time (a painstaking long time) making sure you word the email just right and proofreading for any errors. As your mouse hovers over the send button, you start to feel excited and start to daydream about what the reply will say. You hit send and then that excitement turns to anxiety. Your stomach starts to fill with knots and you stalk your inbox wanting for that reply. You know what I am talking about refreshing it ever few minutes just in case you might have missed an email. You know anxiety brings a friend when it comes and that friend’s name is curiosity. You start to second guess yourself wondering if your words weren’t the right ones or that you somehow offend the other person. Then you start questioning if  the wording is really a reason behind it all. You start stalking your other folders questioning did it somehow go to spam. So now are you not only stalking your inbox you are stalking your spam folder as well. Who knew Spam could be that good? Then begins the questioning- almost asking who do you think you are sending that email- Why would they want to work with you anyways? Maybe they didn’t like what you said or don’t feel that they would be best represented by your work- basically saying you suck. Then comes the sadness realizing that you might not get a response at all and that your email was just ignored. The degree of sadness depends on the level of admiration you have for that company or person. Then comes the fit throwing temper tantrum known as Anger. You start to ask who they think they are not wanting to work with YOU – it’s their loss. Anger almost gets the better of you when you consider to take to the blog or social media and voice your opinion loudly letting the public know just what kind of jerks they are. Then you realize you are an adult and you don’t want to appear childish. You gradually accept the fact that you won’t get a reply. Then comes that fateful day when you get that long awaited reply with answers and questions that require another email. Which you send to start the whole process all over again.

So tell me have you been through these stages? How do you handle rejection by email?

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  1. It’s all business and it stinks! I think I am lucky if I get a reply back .. but then when I don’t get a reply back from the reply back… that is when I get frustrated.

  2. I totally hear you. You have to just keep going for it and not take it personally when you get rejected. You WILL be accepted sometimes!

  3. I always send a very nice email back even if it’s a rejection to show that there’s no hard feelings and move on. I’ve had those who don’t reply back at all which I find so rude.

  4. Yup, I have been there. I usually try to let it go, but sometimes it’s definitely not easy.

  5. I don’t get upset over rejection bu email-but then I decided a while back that I really do not want to review products!Or maybe it is actually the fear of rejection? If I like a product that much–I will just review it on my blog and MAYBE let the company know. What I do is let them come to me–

  6. To be quite honest, I don’t have much time to think about it. Lots of times I actually even forget that I’ve sent an email until I get a response. I’m just so busy, I don’t have much time for those stages, but it seems like it’s a very personal experience for you, and I’m sorry for your frustration!

  7. The feeling is the worst when you want to so badly work with the company and they come back with a no. I just don’t take it personally and move on. Depending on the brand sometimes Ill wait a few months and email back and they come back with a yes.

  8. I think it won’t bode well regardless if its a work of personal matter – getting a NO will always make a hit on us.

  9. I have had lot’s of rejection letters because I’m a rather new blog even though I been blogging for a year. I get told no on a weekly basis. However when I made my first 80 off a campaign that said yes I was thrilled. It was a company that was great to work with it was a company that was rather kind to the smaller bloggers and they paid me after three months of service but I got paid and that made up for some of the nos. I had replied back to one company that I appreciated their time in reading my emails but that I would like to be considered for further projects once my numbers are up higher I also told them that I have worked with this brand and that brand and that I’m a member of some great product testing sites and affiliate programs and about my blog in details. I don’t take too hard to no but I did want to stoop for a bit and while I did the stopping Iasked those nos what they were looking for so next time I could get a yes. I have been building up my social media and I have been trying to make blog post every day. company’s are out there watching for the little blogs like mine.

  10. It’s very nerve wracking and just something that comes with the job. It always stings a little but you just go on to the next one and try again later.

  11. Truth is i have never sent an email like that cause I never know what to ask or who to ask. Now reading this I’m not sure I want the emotional baggage that comes with it.

  12. When I first started blogging, I was sensitive to rejection but have grown to realize that we may not be a good fit for whatever reason and just move on. That no leaves an opening for a better yes.

  13. I try not to take any rejection personally and just keep on keeping on. I don’t really ever send emails out or requests to review. If it falls in my lap fine, if not I am ok with that too.

  14. I have definitely been there in receiving a rejection email. I always make it my goal to work harder in order to hopefully eventually work with the company 🙂

  15. I haven’t gotten one yet, probably because I’m too chicken to send them most of the time but I can imagine I would take it a bit personally, even though I shouldn’t.

  16. Honestly, I don’t send a lot of emails asking to work with a company unless I get tipped off my another blogger they are looking for people to work with. I’ve only had one brush me off and it really did tick me off for a minute. Then I shrugged, said their loss, and ate some brownies 😉

  17. It’s understandably difficult, but business & blogging is hard and competitive, so I try my best not to take it personally 🙂 Great post! x

  18. I get rejected all the time! But I also get yes’s all the time. I think that sometimes it’s timing…sometimes it’s budget and sometimes it’s just not a direction they want to go in. I don’t take it personally. I also try to remember – I reject a lot of the emails that come in to me too. You just do what is right at the time for you and move on.

  19. As a writer, it happens a lot. It’s just one of those things you have to take it and move on.

  20. Can you imagine what it is like to be a writer and get those rejection emails? Oh! I know those are common too.

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