Techniques To Help Your Children Overcome Their Fear Of Dogs

Techniques To Help Your Children Overcome Their Fear Of Dogs from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Lots of kids feel fascinated by the charm of a furry companion, especially dogs. They like to play and pet their four-legged friend and grab those little munchkins in bear hugs. But that’s not the same for all the kids. Some children feel anxious and show signs of fear just by being near a dog or even a puppy. Yes, you read that right; it happens with most of the kids. Although the reasons that contribute to the fear of dogs amongst children are unknown, experts believe there could be quite a few. 

For instance, not allowing your little ones to play or pet dogs EVER could be one of the reasons why your kids don’t want to be near one. In fact, some parents even tell their kids unintentionally that dogs are scary just to keep them apart. That’s not healthy. 

If you want your children to make four-legged friends in the neighborhood, here are some techniques that can help.

  • Take baby steps

If your children already have a fear of dogs, do not introduce them to the dog right away. It might backfire and end up increasing their fear. Start slowly by gradually introducing dogs with the help of picture books, dog movies, and funny videos.

After your kids start finding dogs cute, take them to the nearby park or a pet store and ask them to feed some dog treats. This might help with strengthening their bond as dogs love treats and humans who feed them. But you need to supervise what your kids are feeding to a dog.

You need quality treats to make sure that your kids are feeding good stuff to their furry friends. For this, you can either go for yak chews, beef jerky, or bully sticks for dogs as they are much healthier than the regular stuff. If the next step feels too much, take a step back to picture books and movies. Let your kids move at their own pace. Take the next step whenever they feel ready.

  • Teach them a little doggish

Once your kids say they are ready to meet a dog, find one that’s super-friendly and loves kids. You can even include a therapy dog in your plan too. Now the next step will be to teach your kids about canine communication to make their interaction fun. Unlike humans, dogs might not be able to speak, but they also have a fun way to communicate and interact. For instance, tell your kids that if a dog is wagging its tail after looking at them, it means that it is happy to see them. Help your kids to learn cues and signs; the rest will just be a piece of cake.

  • Start petting and playing with a pooch

Now that your child knows that playing with a dog is harmless, it’s time to take the ULTIMATE step. Take your kids and ask them to pet a dog with love. 

Start by petting the body instead of the head, and you’ll be good to go. Also, ask your kids to play fetch and run along dogs to make their relationship a playful one.

After your kids feel comfortable touching and playing a pooch, it means that 90% of their fear is already gone.

  • Lastly, adopt a family dog

Studies show that when a dog becomes a family member, it becomes less intimidating. So, once your children start liking dogs and feel comfortable in their presence, adopt a family dog to overcome their fear once and for all. 

Not to mention that having a four-legged friend will be one of the best companions they’ll ever have.

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