4 Ways to Avoid Costly Dog Bites

4 Ways to Avoid Costly Dog Bites by North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Your dog might not feel well, have aggression issues or simply snap – biting someone in the process. I work diligently with my new puppy to ensure that he doesn’t have aggression issues in the future. I will put my hands in his food bowl, bring my other dog near his food, touch his paws and get him accustomed to people being around him.

Dogs do deserve their privacy, but with the power of their jaws and sharp teeth, it’s better to teach them when they’re young not to bite.

And if you don’t teach your dog, it can lead to a costly lawsuit. A shocking 31 people died in 2016 due to dog bites. You can avoid these costly and potentially deadly dog bites by:

1. Keeping the Dog from Guests in Your Home

If you have a mean dog, it’s best to keep them away from guests in your home. My brother rescued a dog, and his former owner taught him to be a guard dog. He loved my family, but he didn’t like guests.

If his “master” was around, he behaved well and would welcome guests.

But when his master wasn’t around, we would lock him in his room before letting guests into the house. It’s difficult to control a 50 – 60-pound dog that might bite a guest. While not the ideal situation, if your dog is known for being vicious, he or she might be best kept away from guests.

You can also leave him in the yard or in a crate.

2. Warn Guests on What Not to Do

Dogs are particular. Some dogs don’t care what you do to them, and others will have aggression when you go near their food or pick up a certain toy. If your dog has these odd aggressions, tell your guests about them beforehand.

A simple, my dog doesn’t like:

  • People going near his food
  • People hitting me
  • People cornering him

Of course, this is a mere precaution, but it can help save you from a lawsuit in the future. Basic respect for a dog’s space is often all you need to prevent a dog bite.

3. Keep Dogs on Leashes

Maybe the dog in your scenario isn’t going to attack a guest that is inside of the home. Kids might invite friends over that are playing in the yard. Dogs might see the kids playing or roughhousing and join in on the fun.

Or, the delivery man may come on the property to drop off a box while the dog is off the leash in the yard.

A simple way to prevent a potential bite in these cases is to keep your dog on a leash when walking them outside. I always cringe when I see dogs off the leash outside at the park. One wrong noise or sound can result in the dog losing their attention of their owner and running away, getting hit by a car or even attacking a person or animal.

4. Teach Your Kids and Guests About Warning Signs

Dogs will often give their own warning signs before they bite someone. You should teach these signs to your kids, know them yourself and teach them to potential guests, too. The signs that a dog might be ready to attack, include:

  • Prancing back and force with a stiff head
  • Snarled nose
  • Growling
  • Showing teeth
  • Tense body
  • Raised hair on the neck or back

There are some dogs that will wag their tail oddly in disapproval or fear before biting. If a person is meeting your dog for the first time, they may want to wait until the dog approaches them, smells them and approves of them before running up to pet the dog.

Caution is the best protection against a costly dog bite.

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