Poorly Pooch? Don’t Ignore These Warning Signs

As pet owners we want our pets to stay healthy, and lead happy and fulfilling lives. But just like with people, things can sometimes go wrong. Being adventurous creatures dogs can sometimes have accidents, or be struck down with health conditions. You want to make sure that you give your pet the best checking things out for yourself, Self Pet Care is the first step.  Vet treatment these days can be excellent, however, the problem is dogs hide their pain well. It’s a natural reaction which can help them in the wild but can mean they can be hurt without us as owners even realizing. Other times our dog might seem a little off, but it’s difficult to work out if it’s a result of something serious or they’re just having a lazy day! However, these are some of the symptoms that you shouldn’t ignore and should seek a vets opinion for.

poorly pooch

A Lump or Bump

Just like with humans, lumps and bumps on dogs are usually benign and nothing to worry about. They can be a result of a bite, cyst, fatty lump or something else which will cause no issues to your dog’s health. However, in some cases, lumps can indicate cancerous tumors, which is why it’s not worth taking the risk. If you find a lump on your dog, try not to panic but do book in to see a vet. More than likely it’s nothing, but you shouldn’t take the chance. Regularly checking over your dog is a good idea- they will just think they’re getting fussed which will be no bad thing to them!


Some dogs are naturally lazier than others. Dogs can also slow down as they age, they’re all very different so knowing your dog’s individual energy level can be useful. If your dog seems tired and it’s not a result of something obvious such as a long walk or playtime, it could be a sign that something isn’t quite right. It can a symptom of congenital heart disease, pneumonia or anemia. Lethargy can also be caused by parasites- hookworm, tapeworm, roundworm and heartworm are of course all things you should be protecting against as a pet owner. You can buy medication for parasites online from places like petcarerx.

Refusing Food and/ or Water

While some dog breeds have a tendency to overeat, most dogs won’t eat to excess and will stop when they’re full. If your dog is refusing food, the first thing to ask yourself is how much they have eaten already. Family members could have given them table scraps or treats without you realizing, meaning there’s nothing wrong- your pooch is just full up! Dogs can also sometimes refuse food because they know they have something nicer coming. Why would they eat their boring biscuits when they can enjoy some delicious human food? Some dogs may even hold out on eating their food, knowing their owners will eventually give in and give them something more appealing. If this isn’t the case and your dog has simply stopped eating and drinking then again a vet visit is needed. It could be a result of numerous health conditions, from infections to something more serious. Keep an eye out for vomiting and diarrhea; your vet will need to all of the symptoms they have had.

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