Welcoming a new pet at home? This is how to befriend your furball

Welcoming a new pet at home? This is how to befriend your furball from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Welcoming a new cuddle bundle at home? Yayy! Sounds exciting. After all, we all deserve someone in our life who will love us unconditionally, and pets are perfect for this—especially those soft furballs, which come with cutie-squeezy cheeks and tails. 

We know it’s such a pure feeling that you come back home after a long day, and a cute little creature is waiting to jump on you the moment you open the door. It can make you smile instantly, forgetting all the troubles you may have faced throughout the day. 

Well, these are the things that your four-legged fur ball will do after it becomes your best buddy. But the thing is, how to befriend a newly bought baby pet that is shy and fearful at first? 

It is rightly said that it takes time to develop a bond. So rather than imposing your affection on them, let them be comfortable first. But if you don’t know where to start, quickly read the below points and learn how to gain their trust. 

This is how you befriend your purr-fect Cats!!!

Although cats are known for their savage attitude and confidence, it may still happen that you find yourself a little shy baby. But don’t worry, we know how to make them your awesome friend with these tactics.  

Let them purr first 

Well, first of all, you’ll have to admit that by bringing a cat at home, you have brought a bundle of cuteness that does everything on its own terms. We understand you love your new baby and can’t resist petting them. 

But If you feel that your furry baby is not ready yet, don’t try to force your feelings on them. They may feel stressed by it. So, instead of fussing, let them take their time. Let them wander the new place, and enable them to have a sense of security because not every cat trusts their owners instantly. 

Once they feel safe, they will initiate the communication on their own. 

Be on their level 

It may happen that the little kitten does not like people hovering around them. Your huge size can make them fearful. So, what you can do is sit quietly near them and let them play. The same goes for noises; cats don’t enjoy sudden noises and movements, so don’t try to sneak up, move slowly towards them, or offer your hand steadily. 

They will sniff you first, and the moment they feel secure, you can offer them your unconditional love. But the thumb rule is to have patience with cats and let them be familiar with you. 

Offer them with meow food 

Well, while you’re building a bond with them, don’t forget to offer them food. They must be hungry, right? And you know what? When you offer them food, they’ll let you touch their soft coat. So, try it now. 

Consider providing your kitten a quality food that is helpful for its growth and improving joints strength. You can also feed her little raw meat pieces, and your tiny cat will surely enjoy it. But you know what the important thing you need to keep in mind before feeding your baby cat is? That you’re offering them the food in the right container.

Your new buddy’s health is as important as your own is right? So, make sure you are offering them the food in a hygienic bowl. We will suggest you use stainless steel cat bowls for feeding your kitten as steel is better than plastic utensils, and it’s easier to clean them. A clean bowl means you are giving hygienic food to your baby pet. 

Bonus point – Yeah!!!! This is important to share. 

Do you know what your kitty will do when they trust you? Well, we are going to let you know a fact. When a cat trusts a person, it starts blinking its eyes to represent that you have gained their trust. So, you can do the same to reciprocate their emotions. Yayy!! You gained their trust. 

Now comes the turn of your Paw-some doggo!!!

Although befriending a dog is much easier than other little creatures, these furry four-legged buddies are more friendly than any other pet animal. But sometimes, the baby pet you brought can be aloof at first. But no, it doesn’t mean that it didn’t like you. It’s just that the furball is a little shy and needs time to socialize with you. So, how are you gonna make them your best buddy? Let’s see..!! 

Stay calm and let the pooch sniff you.

We know that it’s irresistible to pet a cute furry baby. But hold on! If you feel that the dog isn’t as excited as you, let them take their time. Please don’t touch them, don’t talk to them, and don’t even make eye contact with them. 

Let them take the tour of the whole place. Let them sniff everything. In short, let them investigate all the things. When they feel secure, they will definitely turn towards you with a spark in their eyes. 

Sit close to your baby pooch. 

When your furry friend sniffs and doesn’t run back, it’s an indicator that they like you. Now you can sit close to them and pet them as much as you can. Once they get comfortable, believe us, they won’t leave your lap, and that’s the most amazing feeling. 

Dogs are simple; you love them, they will love you back a hundred times. They will lick you, give you snuggles, and will play along with you all day. 

Take them for a walk. 

So what’s the next step? Well nothing, if your pupper lets you pet them, sits on your lap, and plays with you, it means you already have gained their trust. Now take your new furball for a walk and let the world admire your new best buddy, and let them say you have the most Paw-some friend. 

Okay, so bonus point for your furry doggo too!!! 

Some people get afraid when a pooch starts climbing on them with excitement, but don’t worry, dogs are the most loyal creatures, and they will never harm you. Look at their tiny tail. If they’re wagging their tail while playing, that means they love you the most. And it’s one of the most amazing feelings, isn’t it?

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