Top Reasons Why Learning How To Sew Is Good For You

Top Reasons Why Learning How To Sew Is Good For You

Last year, when N95 masks were scarce, people around the world took to their sewing machines to make fabric face coverings for friends, charities, and healthcare workers. It was a powerful way for them to fight COVID-19, and they’ll tell you that they enjoyed it too. Sewing is good for the soul. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to take up a new hobby, take a look at these top reasons why learning how to sew is good for you.

Improve Your Health

Y’all, it’s true. Sewing can relax you and take your mind off your everyday problems. Decreased stress can help ward off everything from high blood pressure to depression. It’ll improve your hand-eye coordination. And engaging your brain in something creative can keep your memory in good working order as you get older.

Save Money

Of course, I had to put this one high on the list. While I have no doubt that you are an accomplished bargain shopper, nothing is as cheap as:

  • Repairing what you have
  • Upcycling what you have
  • Recycling fabric

Don’t get me wrong; it’s entirely possible to spend a ton of money at the fabric store. But if you don’t get carried away, it can be your most economical hobby.

Give the Best Gifts

Who wouldn’t want to be the kind of person who gives meaningful, special presents? Well, yes, a new car would qualify, but if that’s not in the budget, a homemade gift will touch their hearts. If you’re just starting out, you can work on little projects like Christmas ornaments that your loved ones will keep forever. If you have some lead time, you can try your hand at something more involved, like a baby quilt. Embroider a hand towel if you want. There’s nothing more thoughtful than putting in some effort.

Make Your Own Clothes

You grew up shopping for off-the-rack sales clothes, trying to fit into mass manufacturers’ definition of what your size is. That’s just not the way it should be. Wealthy people wear bespoke clothing made for them. Do them one better and be your own designer—you might end up with a passion for fashion. Watch “Project Runway” once, and you’ll marvel at how the contestants can stitch up a fabulous garment in 24 hours.

Tailor What You Have

Have you ever heard someone in a fitting room say, “I love these pants, but they’re too long”? I have, and I’ve had to suppress a scream. Y’all, you are not helpless. If they’re a good deal, take those pants home and hem them. Hem. Them. In fact, take inventory of your closet to see what you haven’t been wearing. If something’s too big, use your new sewing skills to take the seams in. If it’s not flattering, adjust any problem areas. Learning how to sew is good for you because it’s empowering. It’s a skill you can use for yourself and others your whole life.

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