Barking Up The Wrong Tree

The USA is a nation of pet lovers, whether you’re a dog, cat, or rat person, our pets have a special place in your family and our heart. But, sometimes, as much as we love our pets, they can be difficult to manage. Dogs, for example, are famous to be on the barking side when they are ill-managed. For many, this can be a significant issue between their household and their neighbors. A loud dog can make your life difficult: Your neighbors complain; you can’t relax fully, and the noise simply never stops. But don’t despair: There are little tips to help you keep the barking quiet and make the most of your relationship with your dog. All you need is a little dedication and a lot of understanding. So if you are ready to find out how to stop your dog from barking, here are the tips of experts in dog behavior and dog training. Tame the barking without losing your cool, that’ the challenge here.

improve relationship with dog
Improve the relationship you have with your dog


Train Them Not To

As a dog owner, you are responsible for the behavior of your furry friend. This means, that, if you want to avoid a lot of troubles, it’s best to invest some time in training your dog. Just like you would do with a child, you need to teach your dog that some behavior patterns are not acceptable. They can’t know if you don’t make it clear to them! For example, barking is not a behavior that you wish to see in your home – unless there is an intruder or you are in danger. But your dog won’t know that if you don’t train them. In short, you need to train your dog not to bark. This implies that you need to decide on a way of letting them know that you want them to stop, such as saying “no” in a firm voice or refusing to pay attention to them, for example. But this is not enough. Good pet training is not about punishing. This is about rewarding positive behavior. For instance, if your dog stops barking when you tell them too, you should give them a treat or a pat on the head. Make it clear to them that this is the behavior that you want to see.

Use Smart Equipment To Lose The Habit

Even with training, it can be difficult to get rid of bad habits, especially if you’ve adopted a rescue dog who has a previous story. So, you can help your dog to understand that this is a negative behavior by using smart gadgets, such as collars that stop barking. There are different types of collars: Some vibrate, others beep, or use a mild electrical shock. A bark collar would detect when your dog is barking, even when you are not at home, and react accordingly as a reminder that the dog should stop. You are in charge of defining the intensity of the collar response, and this is a decision that needs to take into account the environment you live in, your dog’s age and breed. Bark collars can be very effective when they are chosen carefully, so don’t hesitate to give it a go if training hasn’t worked. You just need to carefully choose bark collar models for your dogs, so what works best. 

no barking
There will be no barking

Understand The Cause

Dogs bark for a variety of reasons. For instance, if your dog barks out of fear, it is essential to identify and remove the fear trigger before investing in any training or gadget. Your dog would only react more aggressively if he or she feels in danger. Most commonly, dogs bark out of boredom: A dog that doesn’t receive enough attention during the day or enough exercise will be more likely to bark as a form of complaint. Similarly, like a spoiled child, a spoiled dog can bark to get what he or she wants. It’s likely as well that your dog will be possessive and temperamental: Good training is essential for a positive behavior!


Be Aware Of Your Dog’s Behavior

behavior of dogs
The great sofa destroyer

As lovable as dogs can be, barking is only one of their behavioral quirks. It’s important to be aware of other behavior-related issues that your dog might suffer from – they often belong together and getting to the cause of the issue is key to improving your relationship. For example, aggressivity is common among dogs that have had a traumatic past, as they can get easily scared or overly protective. Barking would only be one of the problems here: First, you need to teach your dog that they can rely on you for protection. Destructive chewing is another common complaint of dog owners: This one is often linked to boredom. In short, spend more time with your furry friend to sort their problems!

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