Safe Play For Kids And Dogs

Welcoming a new pooch into the home can be very exciting for kids. They will want to play with their new friend straight away! But you need to remember that dogs are still animals, no matter how long they have been with your family for. If someone plays a bit too aggressively with them, they could react badly and might try to bite them. So, it is absolutely important that you show your kids just how crucial it is that they play gently with your new dog.

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Do you want to make sure that your kids and dog never fall out over a game? Here are some tips that can help them play better together.

Let Your Dog Settle In

If your dog is very new to the family, you should give them chance to settle into your home. Their new surroundings and environment might make them nervous or angsty. If your kids try and play with them while they are still settling in, it could unnerve them, and they might react badly. So, give your new pup plenty of time to get used to you and your home. After a week or so, it should be ok to let your kids start playing with the dog.

Be Polite

Dogs respect manners just like us humans! Your children will need to act with manners when they are around the dog, and the first step to this is teaching them to respect the dog’s boundaries. One way to do this is to teach your children to always approach the dog from the front. If you hover over them or come from the side, it could make it very nervous. Remember that dogs like their personal space too, and this should be respected.

Be Safe With Toys

Hopefully, you will have some toys that aren’t going to hurt the dog while it is playing with them, such as the plastic ones from These won’t break up when the dog chews them, so there is no risk of any dangerous bits being swallowed. You should also tell your kids that they shouldn’t try and take a toy out of the dog’s mouth. Dogs can be very territorial and if you try to take their toys, they might get angry and could snap!

Be A Smart Petter

Do your kids know the correct way to pet a dog? It’s important that you do, as there are some spots that are better to pet than others! For instance, a dog will prefer it if you stroke him under his chin because he can see where your hand is. They can get nervous if you stroke near their hind legs, as they can’t see what you are doing. When your kids are petting the pooch, make sure they know that they should be doing so slowly and very gently. There are more great petting tips here:

Once your kids know how to play with the new dog, they will be able to stay safe while having fun with their new friend!

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