Stackins: A Visual Reminder We Are A Part of Something Bigger

I received a complimentary set of Stackins for this review but the concept I came up with to use them is all mine.


This past Easter I introduced something into my girls Easter baskets. I know what you are thinking your girls are teens what do they need Easter baskets for, but to you they be teens but to me they will always be my babies. When it comes to Easter baskets of course they don’t get the traditional Easter presents toys and such, instead I give them jewelry that I have picked up on the clearance rack, toiletries and as well as some other fun items.


One of the fun items was a new product from Funrise Toy Corporation called Stackins. These are cute and cuddlely plush babies that are  fun to have around. They are exclusive to Justice stores right now but will be seen in Wal-Mart and other retailers during the summer.

I chose to put these in my daughters’ Easter Baskets because we all are going so many different directions now that sometimes we need to know that are a part of something bigger and that we are not alone. Each one of my daughters and our fur baby Allie got a Stackin. I attached a note to it saying that when they are apart from the family all they have to do is look at their Stackins to know that someone will always love and care for them no matter what.


I loved that there were four distinct designs so each of the girls got a different one. Maddie got the Checkers the Cheetah, Mikaela got Kiki the Fox, Gracie got Bonny the Bunny and of course Allie got Poppy the Puppy. Allie really didn’t understand what all this was about but you can’t leave her out or she will get depressed and look at you like where’s mine? Yep she is that spoiled.

All of my girls love their Stackins and have them displayed in a prominent place in their apartments (Maddie) or their rooms (Mikaela and Gracie).



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  1. Those are so cute! My daughter would love them. Glad to be co-hosting with you at #HomeMattersParty

  2. Those are super cute! And what a great way to use them! And thanks for being a #HomeMattersParty co-host 🙂

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