Unique Ways To Share A Coke

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I am always looking for creative ways to make an ordinary item into an extraordinary item. That sometimes can be challenging, but I do love a challenge so one day while I was looking at a regular can of coke I wondered how I can create a unique present from this. I totally came up with some totally awesome gift ideas if I do say so myself.

share a coke

The first people I thought about a gift for were the teachers at my daughters’ school. They are totally awesome and go the extra mile especially when it comes to Gracie. They keep a watchful eye on her to make sure she is okay.  I decided I wanted to treat them. So I came up with this awesome gift. I put an individual Coke can in a plastic gift bag, add a little container of treats on top and a cupcake liner. Add to that some baker’s twine, a paper straw, and a cute handwritten note saying “Having You as a Teacher has been a real treat!” and it was the perfect teacher gift. They were so easy to make. Just check out how I did it.

share a coke

  • Put a Coke Can in your treat bag. This was the fun part because as you know, Coke has those cans with nicknames. So some time and thought were put into which teacher got which can of Coke.
  • Then after that was done, we took the individual bag of treats and poured it into a plastic container with a lid. I put this inside a cupcake liner and added this to the top of the Coke.
  • After that, each one of my daughters wrote a handwritten note to each of their teachers. This note will be attached to the bag. Make sure you punch a hole in the corner of the note.
  • Take the twisty tie that came with the treat bags and closed the bag containing the Coke and the treats. Then tie a strand of baker’s twine around the twisty tie and attach the paper straw.
  • Lastly, attach the note and you have a unique gift.

share a coke goodie bag

I love this idea so much that I decided to recreate this gift as goodie bags for Gracie’s birthday. We did add something a little extra into the bags as her friends are totally crazy about wipes and often beg her for some. So we added those to her goodie bags.

share a coke centerpiece

There are so much more things that you can do with Coke did you know that you can make it into a unique centerpiece for your table or a party? All you need to do is have a centerpiece that you are already using and add some cans of Coke to it. This was quite easy. All you need to make this unique centerpiece is an existing centerpiece, some wooden dowels, clear packing tape, and some cans of Coke.

share a coke centerpiece

You simply attach the wooden dowels to the cans of Coke by using the clear packing tape and wrapping it around the Coke Can several times. Then you place the Coke on a stick into the centerpiece.

share a coke at Sam's Club

I loved that I was able to create so many awesome things with the 32 pack of Coke that I picked up at Sam’s Club. Did you know that there is a Demo coming to all Sam’s Club locations May 17th from 11 am to 4 pm? Coca-Cola will be sharing a Coke with you during this demo. Full cans of Coke, Diet Coke, and Coke Zero will be offered however since quantities are limited you will want to get to Sam’s Club quickly to get in on this demo. I know my girls love going to Sam’s Club they think it is their personal buffet? For More Information About The Best Air Fryer check this Phillips Airfryer Review. Are you looking to buy a new air fryer, and you don’t know which AirFryer is the best? check this list of top rated air fryer on 2017 and you will find what are you looking for.

To find more ideas on how to share a Coke check out Sam’s Club on Twitter, So tell me what can you create from a can of Coke? Share your ideas and don’t forget to go to Sam’s Club on May 17th.

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  1. That is such a cute idea. We are not allowed to send food products into the schools here, though.

  2. The treat bags are a great idea. I love the Share-A-Coke campaign and all of the creative ideas that are coming from it.

  3. Oh what fun!
    I was thrilled to get a can of coke with my name on it 🙂
    Love this idea though… then they can choose what resonates with them.
    I will take “Dreamer” please! LOL!

  4. This is such a great idea.. I like cute little projects like this. This is a great way to share a Coke

  5. So cool that you found such an interesting ways to reuse your coca cola cans!

  6. Love the party favor idea. Who does love a Coke? It is my favorite beverage!

  7. This is a great idea. As far as I know, we are allowed to send food within the schools. We missed the teacher appreciation week but there’s still end of year gifts!

  8. Very creative way to use a Coke can. This would make good end of year gifts for teachers.

  9. All of your ideas are adorable but I really love the Coke centerpiece. I would’ve never thought to use dowels. I was wondering how you got them to stand up in the centerpiece

  10. I just laid them inside the centerpiece. The dowels were long enough and the centerpiece was full enough that they just “sat” in there.

  11. I really like your teacher gift idea! I don’t know anyone that doesn’t enjoy a Coke once in awhile! Showing a little appreciation with a cute and creative gift goes a long way!

  12. I just love how you used the Share-a-Coke cans. I’m sure the recipients loved your cute gift bags 🙂

  13. I love the cupcake liners! We just stocked up on Coke this weekend at Sam’s!

  14. We don’t drink soda in my house unless there’s a party and I buy for those who drink it. This is a great idea and I’d love to find a can with my name on it.

  15. These are such fun ideas! I think my favorite are the goodie bags! I’ll have to find some friends to share a Coke with =)

  16. I love these fun ideas! I love coke and the personalized cans. Last summer my family was able to get cans with our individual names on them at our local aquarium. They had one of those cool machines where you can personalize the can with any word/name you like. We love those cans and I display them on our shelf in our kitchen. I’m sure the teachers you gifted these to will love them!

  17. How cute! So many fun ways to share a Coke with friends, and such fun names, too.

  18. I don’t drink much soda now, but I worked in an ice cream shop years ago and a good Coke float always floats my boat. If I saw a can with my name on it, I might make an exception!

  19. I love great gift ideas for simple items! What creative and fun ideas. Thanks for being a super co-host at the #HomeMattersParty — we love having you on the team! 🙂

    Life With Lorelai

  20. Such fun and creative ideas! I really love them both. I never would have thought of something like this. Glad to be co-hosting with you at #HomeMattersParty

  21. OMG! This is too cute! I love it. What fun ideas. I would love to do one of these for my husband. He would love it! Thanks so much for sharing and glad to be co-hosting with you @ #HomeMattersParty


  22. Oh I just love dressing up simple things to make for fun gifts! I’m sure the teachers all appreciated them, especially the handwritten notes. Thanks for sharing on Talented Tuesday Link Party.

  23. Such fun ideas. The treat bag for the teachers is just awesome! The added note from the kids makes it perfect. #HomeMattersParty

  24. These are some unique ways to share a Coke. My Dad is a Coca-Cola addict. I gave him Coca-Cola related gifts all of my life due to his addiction of it. I am going to have to use some of the ideas.

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