Elizabeth & Stella Meet Zoe

I received a copy for the purpose of this review, only because I believed in the purpose of this book. 

Imagine how your actions can affect someone living miles away and not just in another state but another continent. Hard to imagine isn’t it? But in the book Elizabeth & Stella Meet Zoe, something like that happens.

Elizabeth & Stella Meet Zoe

In the book, Elizabeth and Stella, two young girls who live continents away from each other learn about a life changing ministry called ZOE. It is a ministry that helps children with no parents. These kids don’t have enough food to eat or any hope for the future. Zoe helps them make new friends, and they learn together how to help each other. It is almost like creating a new family for the children.

This book is not only adorable, but the message behind it is incredible. And when I found out that all the profits from the sale of this book go right back into the ZOE project. I knew that this was one book I wanted to share on the blog. Plus I also think this would be a great addition to any Easter basket this year.

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There are many who would give up all their profits for a ministry.But then when I think about there aren’t many people like the author Melissa Harrell. My first memories of Melissa was when my oldest was in kindergarten. Melissa was the guidance counselor at the school Maddie attended. She was an incredible help to me. You see, there was a problem with my husband’s immigration paperwork and he had to return to Mexico until we got it straighten out. The decision was made for me and at that time the two oldest girls to come back to the United States as Maddie had just started school.

Maddie did not adjust very well to her daddy being gone, and she would cling to me when I would drop her off at school each day. Melissa would meet me in the hallway and would give Maddie a big hug- distracting her so I could leave. Even now we still talk about that as her oldest and my youngest play soccer together.

But enough about the personal story. Now back to the book. I love that both girls are so unselfish in their actions that they end up not only helping themselves but others as well. For more information about the ZOE Project check out their website. Want to buy the book then click here.

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