Summertime is handbag time

There are just a few things that you do not know about me and there are a few things I need to admit. The one thing that hits me most in the money department is that I am addicted to handbags. Yep the bigger they are the better I like them. My favorite summer handbags are the ones that I give me the room to carry around my wallet, keys, a few snacks and my camera. With summer come all those great photo opportunities with my girls.  I love bags with polka dots and flowers.


Check out that cool polka dot bag in the above picture. This bag is a must have for my summer, winter, fall and spring needs. Yep this would most definite be a bag that I will use all year round. I also love all the cute little accessories that are polka dotted as well. Maybe because I love polka dots so much that are the reason I bought my youngest daughter a polka dot backpack for school. What is your favorite type of handbag? Are you one that more is better or less is better?? To me it seems like more is better for me and what is a major must have is straps. I also love how I can check out the latest handbag at zuuzstyle.

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