3 Best Litter Box Alternatives

3 Best Litter Box Alternatives from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Is your cat litter box, a nuisance, eyesore and the bane of your existence? Would you like to find a substitute for your kitties’ litter box? Find the best litter box for multiple cats and regain control of your living environment. Keeping reading for some litter box alternatives.

Litter Box Alternatives

Have you ever stepped in or knocked over your cat litter? What a drag. And, unfortunately, these types of accidents seem to happen at the worst time, like when you are late for work. 

Or, if you are having guests over, do you try to avoid the room where the cats’ litter boxes are located? Or, you might have a new baby. How can you baby-proof your cat litter? 

Another problem is when your kitty misses the litter box. Isn’t there a more convenient solution? It can be difficult to train your feline to go outdoors when it needs to do its business. In some cases, a conventional litter box might better suit you.

The odor from your pet’s waste can be especially ruinous during mealtime. Instead of smelling the sweet smell of mothers’ homemade cookies, you smell your feline’s waste. Yuck. An air purifier will help get rid of the cat odor

Surely, there must be a better way. Modern technology has led to the improvement of many facets of our lives, isn’t there an upgrade on traditional cat litter boxes? Thankfully, the answer is “Yes.” 

We will consider the best kitty litter box alternatives, which can help you avoid the mess, nuisance, and smell of the traditional variety. These cat litter boxes will enable you to regain control over your home. These advanced cat litter boxes might also make your pet happier. 

Frequent Air Freshener

You could start with a freshly-scented cat litter box. These cat litter boxes might be made of a sweet-smelling wood, such as pine or walnut. You need to find a smell that your cat appreciates. 

Pet owners could go with the automatic or manual methods for freshening the air. The automatic timed cat litter air fresheners are a nice option. They can hide the foul odor and create a sweeter-smelling home. 

The best-timed air fresheners also have motion detectors included. This is the most efficient – they spray the freshener immediately after your pet’s visit. When your cat does its business, the air freshener does its business. 

Buying a potpourri and mixing it in with your cat’s litter box would be a manual solution. You might want to find a special product with space for the potpourri along the side. It should have a removable, hinged top for easy addition and removal of the lemon, orange or floral scents. 

Hidden Cat Litter

Wouldn’t you like some type of cat litter that blends into your home décor? You could paint it the same colors as your bathroom. Or, you could have it resemble some common furniture items. 

That is the concept behind the best-hidden cat litter box. These blend in naturally with your own home arrangements, so nobody needs to know that a pet’s litter box is lurking nearby. Here are just a few ideas for the discrete Litter Box Alternatives: 

  • Barn
  • Bucket
  • Drawer
  • File Cabinet
  • Magazine Rack
  • Planter
  • Side Table
  • Storage
  • Waste Basket

You can choose from several different colors that fit in nicely with your room’s color scheme. You can also find these hidden boxes in a number of patterns and designs, including but not limited to antique, rural, chic or modern. The well-designed cat litter boxes make it easy for your pet to enter and exit the unit. 

These creative hideaways might even include French doors or fake plastic plants if you like that touch. The creative cat box allows you to re-establish control over your living environment. These hideaway litter boxes can be used for a single feline or multiple felines. 

You could find a decorative cat litter box with convenient ventilation holes on either side. There are a few with a removable top making it easy for you to change the cat litter box. You will need to find a system that is appealing to your cat. 

Robot Self Cleaning

Have you seen those self-cleaning robot vacuum cleaners? There are also self-cleaning robot cat litter boxes. These can use weight to determine if your feline has done its business. 

The old waste is removed and a new layer is laid down. This is also great for those who have persnickety cats. Sometimes, they might not want to relieve themselves in a container that is full. 

Moreover, your veterinArian will be very happy to know that you use this more hygienic disposal system. With a cleaner environment, your cat is less likely to get infections. Your cat will purr with joy. 

Cat Litter Box Solutions

The primary cat litter box nuisances are sight and smell. Therefore, the best cat litter box options will solve one of these problems. Here is which problems are solved by each kitty litter box: 

 Improve SightImprove Smell
Frequent Air FreshenerNoYes
Hidden Cat LitterYesNo
Robo Self CleaningYesYes

Pet owners have many feline litter box products to choose from. Some will solve the odor problem and others will solve the appearance problem. The robotic self-cleaning option is more expensive, but it solves both problems and provides a more hygienic environment for cat and pet owners alike.

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