These Treats Bags Have Gone to the Dogs

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Hey Folks,

Allie here again. My mommy and I have been crazy busy getting ready for the holidays and stuff. Plus my big sister Tutu just celebrated her birthday a couple of weeks ago. I know Tutu doesn’t get much time on the blog because online she is shy, I mean she doesn’t even have a Facebook, but in person, she is still a big puppy at heart.

tutu-birthday canna-pet

Even though she acts like a puppy, she is getting old. She is now 11 years old.  Her body doesn’t move like it used it too. I mean when we went to the dog park, she was fine getting into the car but after walking around the park, my mom and my sister, Mikaela had to help get her back in the car.


It is sad that she is getting older, and I know soon she won’t be with us anymore, that is why my family got her special treats on her birthday. Canna-Pet treats are these entirely organic, vegan, and non-GMO treats. They are also free of wheat, sugar, and dairy among other things.

My mommy found out that they are great to help treat symptoms of cancer, arthritis, inflammation, pain and allergies. Tutu loved these treats. Can’t you tell by the pictures?  Not only are the treats delicious, but they are helping me live a healthier, happier and longer life—so my mommy doesn’t have to worry about our health.


Did I forget to tell you I loved them?  I snuck a few when my mommy wasn’t looking. In fact, I like them so much that I asked my mommy could I make treat bags for my friends. And of course, my mommy said yes because she loves to create things plus she knew it would be an excellent blog post. It was quite simple.


Materials Needed

  • small plastic bags
  • bakers twine
  • Canna-Pet Treats
  • cardstock
  • hole punch
  • scissors



  • Put 4 Canna- Pet dog treats  into a bag. (Here is a coupon code “FrugalMom20” You get a free box of biscuits along with a $20 Canna-Pet purchase.)
  • Tie it with baker’s twine.
  • Print out this cute printable

dog-treats-bags canna-pet

  • Cut out the tag
  • Punch hole in tag
  • Attach to Dog treats

There you have it folks, a quick and easy treat bags for your furry friends.

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