Give Back this Holiday Season: Helping Our Furry Friends



AFM Give Back

This will be a series on ways you can give back to your community this holiday season. Today’s post is all about giving back to your furry friends.

Any follower of my blog knows how much we love animals but sadly there are those who either abandon, abuse, or neglect our furry friends. I would adopt every stray I see, but my husband would kill me. Winnie, the dog we lost a year ago was one of those dogs who was abandoned and abused. But she was also was one of the sweetest and had the gentlest spirit. Giving Winnie a chance at a happy and loved life made us all feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. Here are some tips to help you get that warm and fuzzy feeling this holiday season.

  • Volunteer-
  1. Visit a shelter regularly just to play one-on-one with a shelter animal. To find a shelter near you check the yellow or white pages.
  2. If you have the time and the space consider fostering one of these cuties. It could be short term or long term. This will keep them from being euthanized.


  • Get Creative-

    With the New Year comes the need to clean things and to start anew. While you are cleaning consider donating those old blankets, towels, or comforters to a local animal shelter. This will help our furry friends be comfortable during the wait until they find their forever home. You can also sew or knit coverlets for them. This would be a great group project to do with your friends.


  • Feed Them-

    Organize a pet food drive for your local shelter. If you are an avid couponer stock up and donate the extra food to a shelter. Also if you have had a pet that recently passed away make sure to donate any unopened leftover food as well.



    These are just a few things that you can do to help your furry friends this holiday season. Stay tuned for more ways that you can give back to get that warm and fuzzy feeling.





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