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Disclosure: My mommy received treats for me in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100% mine.

Allie Treats

Christmas is coming. Have you given any thought to what you are giving the most important person in your life? No, I am not talking about your husband, boyfriend/girlfriend, or your children I am talking about the MOST important baby in your life and that is your fur baby. Long time followers know how crazy my mommy and my family are over me and my big sister Tutu. They are always bringing more fur babies in the house. I mean now I have to put up with having a cat, Markie, for a sister. I mean a cat who has ever heard of that. Sorry got a little side tracked there. My mommy made me a cool treat jar the other day using a leftover jar from a candle. I loved it, and I loved that she filled it with treats just for me. Yep, my treat jar – it even has my name on it. It was very easy to make. Just follow these instructions and you can make your fur baby one for Christmas. All you need is an empty jar (My mommy used a leftover candle jar, but you can use any jar), chalkboard label, chalk pen and some yummy treats. She wrote “Allie’s Treats” on the jar, so I get to show Markie that Mommy loves me best.

Vital essentials treats

She then filled MY treat jar with yummy treats from Vital Essentials. These treats are packed with all the nutrients that I need. They are made with fresh animal protein. It comes in convenient closable packages. So you don’t need to make a treat jar but making one will tell your fur baby how much you love them. They are also gluten free, grain free, and guilt free. They come in six different flavors. My favorite is the Turkey one because Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I will tell you like a fur baby I couldn’t wait to get my treats hey I will even degrade myself and do tricks for these treats. So tell me what are you getting your fur babies this year?

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  1. My Chispas would love these! I like getting him a variety of treats so he can taste different yummies. The Turkey one he would jump up and down for, I’m sure. They are usually his fave type of treats!

  2. What a cute jar! I bet Allie is thrilled you made that jar for her with yummy goodies!

  3. First, I need to actually get the fur baby! Oh, Santa….!!

    When we had one, there were always presents under the tree for him!

  4. This is a good idea – I hate reaching into those cellophane bags to get out treats. A jar would be so much better, and it could sit on the counter. I like it!

  5. Funny! I was looking at the picture, before I saw it was for your pet, trying to figure out what that was. My daughter has a Siberian Husky and he loves treats!

  6. My Gizmo would love these. He loves receiving treats and I love buying them for him. Don’t think I’ve ever heard of this brand before though. Will have to look for it.

  7. I was just thinking about this the other day! I have seen some adorable doggie treat recipes on Pinterest and was trying to think of a cute way to hold them! This is perfect- Thanks!

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