#MYILYPet Allie’s Pet Food Review and a Giveaway

“My mommy was provided with a “I and love and you” trial package to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.”

Hey Folks,

Allie again. I have been very busy lately as our house has been full of company. And I love company. I always greet them at the door and go totally crazy over them. I know nothing about personal space just ask Lyman or Dylan.

I and love and you food is so yummy it makes my tongue hang out.
I and love and you food is so yummy it makes my tongue hang out.

But I am here today to talk to you about the yummy new food and treats that my mommy got from the UPS man. Technically I know that the UPS man did not give it to her but he is the one that delivered it to our house so I am letting it stay.

the cats #MYILYPet

This food care package wasn’t just for me, it was also for my other fur babies sisters as well and yes I am even including the cats in this one. In fact I think the cats are going to get top billing because my mommy took pictures of them with the food.

tutu #MyILYPet

My older sister Tutu got some real cool food that my daddy adds water to it to make her a nutritous meal. She loves it so much. Tutu doesn’t normally get any of the products to try because I am spoiled and don’t like to share but this time since it is getting colder I decided I would. Daddy says she eats it with gusto.

Look at Markie licking her lips.
Look at Markie licking her lips.

The cats, Markie, Tyger and Jinxy got some really cool cat food. I will admit that I have snuck over once or twice to taste it. It is yummy.

And of course I got some delicious treats. If you know me you know I will do just about anything for a treat. I even do yoga and give high fives. How cool is that?

The company that my mommy got all this delicious food from was I and love and you.

I and love and you” makes wholesome food and treats for cats and dogs, including kibble, wet, and homemade dehydrated  selections that your pet will love! You can find them at a store near you. . Who knew you could get such great quality foods, formulated by holistic veterinArians with the highest standards, right in your local grocery store!

ILY’s ingredients include many things we humans look for in our food: grain-free, real meat as the first ingredient, prebiotics, probiotics, no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors – all to promote optimum health for your pet. And their food is made in the U.S.A.

ILY’s foods, treats, and natural chews are also available at online retailers like Petco, Target, Amazon and Chewy for when you want to surf with your furry friend from the comfort of your PJ’s.

And another cool thing about this food is that I am hosting my very first giveaway in Allie’s Corner.

Sorry it is for a dog trial package because after all all dogs do rule so take that Markie, Jinxy, and Tyger.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And share your love of I and love and you on social media using the #MYILYPet. I would love to see what all your fur babies look like.


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