She Did IT!!!!!!!!

maddie grad 1

Yesterday was a bittersweet day for me. It was the day that most parents look forward to and yet when the time comes they start to dread it. The day when your child walks across the stage to become not only a high school graduate but also recognized as one of those 5th-year Seniors that earned their associates degree. You are proud, happy and sad all mixed into one. Yep, that was me all a bundle of tears. This was the second time this month I watched as my oldest daughter was recognized for all her accomplishments. She had already graduated a few weeks earlier from the college with her two year associate in arts degree but she technically could not receive it until she officially graduated from high school. That event happened last night.

I will have to say that graduating from high school and college at the age of 18 is not an easy feat. There were times that she was so bogged down with schoolwork and so stressed out that she wanted to give up but she didn’t she continued on. This drive will keep her going throughout the rest of her life. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so instead of writing anymore I will let the pictures and videos tell the story. For all those that are graduating this year congrats, graduation is an accomplishment to be proud of no matter how old you are.
Here is the video of the tassel turning.

maddie grad 3

maddie grad 4

maddie grad 5

Happy Graduation Maddie and Friends!!

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