Make A Car Care Kit For Your College Student

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Make A Car Care Kit for your College Student

I have been seeing a new trend with parents lately. That trend is that they are buying their children new cars while they are driving around the cars that are older. Well folks, let me tell you that will not and did not happen in our family. When my oldest turned 16 we were able to purchase a car for $500. It may not have looked the best but she was thankful that she had a car to drive. Fast forward 4 years and my 17-year-old daughter now has the car. But she is about to get an upgrade not because the car she drives is no longer driveable but because we just recently purchased a new car for us (my husband and I) and she will be getting my baby, my Saturn Vue. We will still be keeping her old car so my husband can drive it to and from his side jobs.

I don’t think that I have loved a car as much as I loved this one but it was time for an upgrade. We needed something with a little bit more room. So we upgraded and Mikaela got my car, my baby. Knowing that it was my baby I wanted to make sure that Mikaela keeps it running in tip-top shape. She is always on the go attending classes at our local community college as well as finishing out her high school degree.  And in socccer practice in the Spring, she practically lives in her car most days. So I decided to come up with some ways to make sure that both my babies (her and the car) were taken care of. I decided to make her a car care kit. These kits are pretty easy to make and finding the items for this kit was also very easy.

I looked around the automotive aisle at Walmart trying to decide what I wanted to include in the kit. I knew that an aux cable was a must because she would rather listen to the music on her phone than the radio. And teens are all about making a great first impression so I got license plate frame for the front so she can get her own special tag for it. People are going to know who it is when they look in the rearview mirror. Because one of the things that teens are looking to do is make a statement.

As I was browsing the automotive aisle I came across the Armor All® products and knew that I wanted to include this in the basket.  We have been using Armor All® wipes for years and I just love them. I picked up three products for the kit, Armor All® Outlast Leather Restorer (for the seats), Armor All® Outlast Protectant (for the interior and the dash) and Armor All® Outlast Tire Glaze (for obviously the tires).

back to school with Armor all

So with those three products in hand I was able to create an awesome car care kit for Mikaela so she can keep my old baby and her new baby looking clean and pristine. It was really easy to make and if you follow these steps you can make one for your college student or new driver as well.

back to school with armor all

First you need to collect all the items I have listed below for the kit.

  • Armor All® Outlast Tire Glaze
  • Armor All® Outlast Leather Restorer
  • Armor All® Outlast Protectant
  • A bucket
  • A License Plate frame
  • A tire gauge ( This should also come with a little lesson how to use it)
  • A key chain with a flashlight
  • Some silicone muffin cups
  • A Trashcan
  • A Car Duster
  • Some nice lint free cloths

Now that you have all the items assembled this is what you need to do. It is actually very simple to do.  You need to place the items in the bucket except for the trash can and the silicone muffin cups. Some items you may be able to hang over the edge like I did the cloths. The silicone muffin cups are going to be placed in the cup holders,

Back to College Car kit

And of course for the trash can you just place it somewhere in the car that is accessible to everyone. It wasn’t easy giving those keys to Mikaela, but I am glad that she gets to drive the car instead of us using it as a trade in for the new one.

back to school with armor all

If you are looking to make a car care kit like this one for your first time driver or college student you are in luck because right now you can save using this  coupon. The coupon is valid from 8/7, until supplies last. This coupon is for  $2.50 off on any of these 4 products: Armor All® Outlast Trim & Plastic Restorer, Armor All® Outlast Tire Glaze, Armor All® Outlast Leather Restorer, and/or Armor All® Outlast Protectant.
Armor All Outlast #1stImpressionsCount Sweepstakes

So tell me about your favorite car and how hard was it for you to give it up?

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  1. Although where my stepson is going, freshmen are not allowed to have cars – my stepson got special permission to have one because he’s in the national guard,too. He’s love this.

  2. A car care kit is a great idea. I will have to make one for my son. He is getting ready to start college.

  3. These are great suggestions. I think I need to make a kit like this for my own car!

  4. This is a great car kit. I should have given my son something like this when he took his car off to college.

  5. Now this is a smart idea! It definitely helps ease worries knowing they’ve got all they need.

  6. This will be perfect for those who will be bringing their cars. My niece is off to college next week, but she won’t be needing this.

  7. Is that really a trend in the states? I am still surprised by the buy a car for a 16 year old, let alone an new one. It’s easier here in New Zealand. If my daughter wants a car she can save her money and buy one, plus pay for own insurance. I like our trend better. – However, there are some great tips here, should the day come when she chooses to buy a car.

  8. This is a great car kit with lots of great ideas. We did something similar when we sent our boys off to college. They were able to take their car on campus.

  9. Thank you for these tips. I agree that a car care kit is a good addition to a college student’s must-haves. Thanks for the discount coupon and for letting us know about this awesome Walmart Gift cards give away promotion.

  10. This is a great idea. I have a Daughter that is heading off to College in September. I will have to make one for my car as well.

  11. I need to make one of these for my car. I will have to share this with my friends that have kids going off to college this year.

  12. Neither my husband nor I drive so I haven’t a clue about cars. But this is a great idea. I would love to give something like this as a gift!

  13. What an awesome idea to help your child take care of their car. I bought my first car at 17 for $300. I treasured that thing.

  14. We used some of these products on our daughter’s car and she loved it! The leather products were her favorite.

  15. I love the Armor All leather products, we use them in both of our vehicles! How wonderful you’re able to hand off your newer vehicle to your daughter. Lucky her! [client]

  16. I just love this car kit & this is going to be the best gift you can give to your college student. My brother is going to college this year & I would use this ideas for sure.

  17. What a great give-a-way!! Love their products! Thanks for a chance to win and I love this idea for teens. Mine is just starting out on her own too and I love this idea!!

  18. What a great idea Melissa ! We have never used Armor all products.Sounds like they have great products for Cars. Will give it a try next time. From #HomeMattersParty

  19. This is a great idea. I think if a teenager or college student is going to get a car, they definitely need to take good care of it. Great to be part of the #HomeMattersParty with you.

  20. This is awesome! Car care is more than just an oil change. LOVE the silicone muffin cup for the cupholders! Thanks for sharing and being a wonderful host of the #HomeMattersParty – I love working with you! 🙂

    Life With Lorelai

  21. Wow, this brings back memories! I got to drive the huge family Delta 88 when I turned 16. It used so much gas I barely was able to drive it!
    We are enjoying co-hosting the #HomeMattersParty with you!

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