Tips for Hosting A Family GameNight

afm tips game night

With the winter here and the last few weeks the weather has been bad, we have had to come up with ways to entertain ourselves inside, especially at night, so family game night was born. Here are some awesome ways to make your family game night the best.


  1. Keep it simple. (as in games and food) Pick up items from the deli that can be finger foods. Or you can whip up something beforehand that can be eaten while playing games.  Also this would be a great time to introduce new finger foods to your family.
  2. Control the space that you having game night. Set the tone with music. Don’t be rigid about the schedule. Remember it is all about spending time as a family. Add some quirky decorations to the mix as well. I have a few bowls that I use only when we host parties.
  3. Let everyone be involved with choosing the game. And don’t forget the video games, some of the best laughs we have had have been watching each other making fools out of themselves dancing with the wii. Just look at how much fun we had watching my husband dancing.
  4. If you want you can even have your children invite a guest per child.


I hope that this will encourage to host your own family game night in the near future. We have so much fun hosting ours.


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