Escaping With The Railhawks

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Last night my family and I went to one of my happy places. To say that this year has been a trying year is an understatement, but there are always several things that make us happy and one of my happy places is Wake Med Soccer Park where my beloved Carolina Railhawks play. This year we bit the bullet and bought season tickets. I saw no sense in paying money every week when it was actually cheaper to buy the season tickets. But sadly there have been days that we haven’t felt up to going. Their first home opener happened to just be 2 days after our car accident and to say that I wasn’t feeling up to going was an understatement. But since we are season tickets holders we could exchange the tickets for later games so that the girls could bring their friends along. Sadly we have missed a total of 2 games so far we have missed and I know of another one that we miss on June 14. The first 2 games we missed because we weren’t feeling up to it but the game on June 14 when they play Chivas USA, my husband’s favorite team because we have scheduled Maddie’s Graduation Party that day. So we always have room to bring their friends but last night was all about the family. With Maddie transferring to a college in the fall, nights like these will be a rare occurrence. I am determined to make the most of this summer and spend some awesome quality time with my little family.

That said the Railhawks game was awesome. There wasn’t a huge crowd like there normally is but I think a lot of that had to do with the fact the game was on a Wednesday night and a lot of schools are taking those dreaded EOGS (End of Grade Tests).But that did not stop the Railhawks from putting on an awesome show. I was a little disappointed that Akira (their goalie) wasn’t in the goal tonight but Scott Godwin did a great job filling in. Of course, Mikaela’s favorite player started Cesar Elizondo has been her favorite for a while. I was impressed with the fact that he knelt down on the field and prayed before the game. Gotta love those that aren’t afraid to show what they believe in.

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Gracie’s favorite Justin Willis is still going through rehab for an injury that occurred last year. We hope he comes back soon.

As far as my favorite Austin da Luz, he has moved onto another team in Florida, but I already have plans to go see his team play in July when they play in Wilmington. I have yet to pick one favorite, but there are several in the running, Enzo Martinez. Just check out the cute picture I snapped after the game.

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It shows a lot what kind of player he is.

Daniel Jackson is another player that is pretty exciting to watch. Jun is another player that has caught my eye since the preseason as well as Naz. Of course, I can’t forget Austen King. He is always such a nice guy to talk to after the games.

I think last night was the happiest that I have been all year. It was so great to just sit back and relax and enjoy each other’s company as well as watching an awesome team play. We all needed that break to not think about the pain and suffering over the last month and a half due to the accident and not focus on Epilepsy and actually be a normal family without a care in the world for just a few hours at least.

So now you know what my family does to escape for a while, so what do you and your family do to escape or unplug for a while.

Oh and just for a laugh check out this video that I got of the girls on the way home from the game. Sorry for crotch shot at the end. LOL

Until Next Time,
Melissa AKA Frugal Mom

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  1. Are they a pro team? Honestly I don’t know much about soccer other than David Beckham.

  2. They are a level two team right under MLS. There are several players that have played in the MLS.

  3. We used to play board games but haven’t done that in a while. How awesome that you got to see your fave team and top players!

  4. Looks like fun! Its nice to break the schedule once and a while. We always have a movie night and take the kids to eat during the school year. Its a lot easier once they are out of school.

  5. It was one of the gifts we brought for the whole family at Christmas season tickets

  6. What a gorgeous day for a soccer game and that player is a class act! Those are the kind of role models our kids need.

  7. Sounds like a lot of fun and I’m glad you have a “Happy Place” to go to unwind and destress!

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