Railhawks Made My Girls’ Night

It is not a secret if you are a follower of the blog; we are a soccer-loving family. The two older girls play soccer so it is only natural that we would attend games ones that my daughters play in as well as ones where my daughters are playing the part of spectators. This year has been an exceptionally good one for us, so we have been able to take in more professional soccer games as a family. Last night was one of those nights. We attended another Carolina Railhawks game. I have written about the team of awesome players before but last night all three of my girls had their night made. First, we drove to the game. It is not a quick trip by any means we travel about an hour one way to see them play, but it is so worth it.

When we got there, we again scored free t-shirts from Chevrolet for filling out a survey. Then I went to pick up our tickets at will call. The customer service at the Railhawks game has always been fantastic. I do not think that there has been a time that we have attended a game that we have not been treated with the utmost respect as if we were the only fans attending the game. This feeling starts at the beginning from the parking lot attendant to the people running the concession stand. Once we picked up the tickets, we entered the gates to be given free poms poms to cheer the Railhawks on in style. I don’t know why but for some reason The Jonas Brother song “Shake Your Pom Poms” came to mind. LOL

After we got to our seats, no need to search for the seats they were the same ones that we had for the game we attended with our “Adopted” daughter Bri. I sent the hubby and the two older girls with our vouchers for our food, and we ate dinner while the teams were warming up. I know what you are thinking eating there has to be expensive but folks it was cheaper for us this time. You see I took advantage of the Fan4Pack that offers the ticket, hamburger or hot dog and a drink for the cost of less than a regular ticket. It was the first time we had ever done this but now I know about it will be the way to go from now on.

Okay onto the game, the girls did not like the other team they have their reasons, but I will let you know that I will NOT be sharing them here. LOL You can read what you want LOL.

Each one of my teenage girls has their favorite players. Maddie’s is Akira, the Goalie, and Mikaela’s is Cesar. Remember Mikaela has always been the one out of our girls to embrace her Hispanic heritage so can you guess what nationality he is. LOL. She made a sign show him how she supported him. As the teams were heading to the locker rooms at halftime, Mikaela stepped down to the railing holding her sign up high. He saw it and waved and smiled. I don’t think I had seen my daughter smile as big as did when that happened. Unfortunately, I was not able to grab that moment but the moment after that I did catch.

AFM Mikaela Smile

The Railhawks put on a great game even though they were playing without two of my favorite players. Justin Willis is out for the rest of the season because of an injury, and Austin daLuz was red carded the game before so he had to sit out a game. They were both there at the match showing support for their team. The team ended the night with a hard fought victory of 1-0.

We once again hung around after the game to grab autographs and this was when my girls’ night got better. See for yourself.

AFM Maddie and Akira

Maddie and her favorite player, Akira Fitzgerald.

AFM Mikaela and Cesar

Here is Mikaela with her favorite player. He made sure he came by to sign her sign. She was so tickled when this happened. He was so sweet agreeing to take a picture with her. All the players were awesome.

AFM Julius

Anyone that follows me on Twitter knows that I have been so excited when a particular player retweets me, and this is the player, Julius James. He is such a genuine and sweet guy, but you cannot tell that on the field. He is quickly becoming a favorite in our hearts.

I will leave you with one last picture. Mikaela’s favorite player had already signed her poster but saw she was still there when he was heading to the locker room and resigned her poster with a personalized greeting. He is such a sweetie. He even signed it in Spanish I think he might replace Chicarito in her heart. LOL

AFM Mikaela Retake

The Carolina Railhawks next home game is September 14. We are planning on bringing a whole group of the girls’ friends to the match. Maddie, our oldest will be turning 18 and that is how she wanted to celebrate her 18th birthday. I think she is going to make a sign saying “Finally Legal” LOL

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