Letting Go


AFM letting go


Letting go is hard to do. It can be a favorite toy, a favorite pair of shoes, a friendship that meant so much to you, sending a child out into the world. No matter what you are letting go of it isn’t always easy. Sometimes it is the hardest thing a person can go through but in the end it all works out. Living near a military base I have so many close friends who have come into our lives for the short time that they lived here who have become lifelong friends. One of those friends lives all the way out in Colorado but we still keep in touch, another just moved closer, SC to be exact, so we already have plans in the works to meet up and I can’t wait to meet her new baby. Still another one all three girls were in her wedding, (the above picture was taken at the wedding 10 years ago)  just came to see us with her three kids the week before Easter, we loved hanging out with her. I love when these friends pop back into our lives.

But as these friends pop back in we have several who we are saying good bye. One of those friends is a friend from high school who moved with her whole family to Belize on a mission trip. We just recently reconnected and I am glad we did. Still another family will be moving to Texas. Since Gracie got sick we haven’t been that close but I will miss this family so much. She brought to my life a little craziness. Everybody needs that in their life.

And the last part is letting go of your child, allowing them to become the adults they have become. I will admit that it will be tough leaving Maddie at college in the fall but knowing that there are  close friends and family nearby makes it easier. But I will admit that my husband is having a hard time with letting her go. I think he still thinks of her as his little girl, instead of the mature young lady that she is.

However you look at, letting go is hard to do but it is a necessary part of life. But I will leave you with this


“If you love something let it go free. If it doesn’t come back, you never had it. If it comes back, love it forever.”

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