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It is true what they say that pets become a part of your family and sharing your life with them make not only their life better but yours as well. I know I talk a lot about our little Allie, who is the baby, but this blog post is going to be dedicated to our first fur baby, Winnie. After being in our lives for over eight years, she is resting peacefully up in Heaven now. My husband has always been against having pets for the girls, but it is really surprising to me that when we did end up getting a pet, it was his idea. Our first family dog was our precious angel, Winnie.My husband found her at a hunting club that he was doing some work at. He kept telling me about her and how sweet she was and I had been on him about getting a dog for the girls. So he said if we have a dog, it will be that one. You see Winnie was abandoned and abused.She was very skittish around people but let someone she did not know or another dog come into our yard her protectiveness came out.

The first time we saw Winnie as a family was the day we got her. When we got out of the truck, she came running up to us. My girls were still young then. Maddie was in 3rd grade; Mikaela was in K and Gracie was still a toddler. Well, Winnie came running up and gave Gracie a great big lick on her face. That was all it took for her to become a part of our family. Raul did not want to put her in the front of the truck, so he decided to let her ride in the back we had not gone but a few yards and she jumped out. Gracie started crying My Doogie!!! Yep, that was all it took for her to become a family member.


We could not have asked for a better first dog than her. She was very calm and loved the girls playing with her. She would even let herself be ridden like a horse. The girls would lay all over her and not one time would she snap. She loved to give us her paw. A few years after we got her she blessed us with ten puppies. We still have one of them, Tutu or W2 (Winnie the 2nd) It is with great sadness that I have to report that Winnie passed away yesterday Tutu’s birthday. Yep, that is right the same day eight years after that she gave life to ten puppies she died. There has been a lot of tears in my house last night and today but then there been plenty of time for reflections as well.

What would our life be like without her? I believe that God knew what he was doing when she was placed in our path. We probably would not have had the others dogs because remember my husband was dead set against it. Our girls would not know how caring for and loving a pet can make their lives better. She was a constant in our lives that now going on without her it would feel empty.

But we can take comfort in the fact that we were able to give her a good home and so much love throughout the years that she was in our lives.  Do you have or have had a pet or a “fur” baby like that? Has one touched your life in such a way that makes you stop and remember? Or do you have a dog that helps to ease your anxiety or stress levels? Because that is what, Winnie did for us!!! But I also need to mention Allie in this part as well. Gracie, my youngest, suffers from anxiety, stress, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS),  the past two years since her diagnosis has not been fun but I can honestly say that since we got Allie, her stress levels are a lot lower. She went from barely passing grades to A’s and B’s and from missing tons of school to have only missed one day so far this year. So Allie had made a difference in her life. She had become her best friend.

I usually would write about Allie for these post but Winnie’s passing yesterday made me decided to showcase her life a little more. If we had not opened our hearts and lives to this precious angel who knows where, she might have ended up.

But did you know Cesar’s created a campaign to salute these “fur ” babies? Cesar created the Share a Story and Share the Love initiative, a social media campaign to help support and spotlight therapy dog organizations, to ensure people in need continue to receive the powerful benefits of a dog’s unconditional love. How awesome is that? The Share a Story and Share the Love campaign encourages dog lovers to share the heartwarming stories of therapy dogs through their social media communities such as Facebook and Twitter. In return, Cesar will share the love with three therapy dog organizations through donations that help continue the services they provide to people in need. For additional information about this awesome campaign, please check out Cesar’s Website.


“I wrote this review while participating in an ambassador program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Cesar and received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

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  1. Oh the joy of having a family parent.We lost our furry fellow not to long ago and it devastated us all. I send my condolence to your family.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss! We have a 10 year old lhasa apso/shih tzu mix named Scruffy. My husband and I got him together when we were still dating. We have had him as long as we have been together. He was our first baby and is hopelessly spoiled. I just can’t imagine what it is going to happen to us when he moves on. We lost him once when he managed to slip out the front door and those were probably the worst 3 days we have experienced. It was like we lost our child. Thankfully someone returned him to us. A family pet can really bring the family closer together and I think Scruffy does that for us everyday.

  3. We had a wonderful Irish Setter that passed away a few years ago. Because of a few moves, we haven’t found a new companion for the house. It is so true that they become part of your family.

  4. Oh, my heart hurts for you… we lost our older boy, Flash, a few months ago and it is such a hard thing to live through!!! Thank you for sharing

  5. Winnie sounds like an amazing pet! I’m so sorry for your loss. We lost our beloved family dog earlier this year and I know how devastating it is. They are truly members of your family.

  6. You are so fortunate to find a stray dog that can resort to be as gentle with your girls. How sweet is she!

  7. Dude.. I am not very much into examining, but somehow I bought to read several articles on your blog. Its awesome how interesting it is actually for me to inspect you commonly.

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