Moving Budget Tips

Moving can be an expensive task, so planning ahead of time is essential to saving money as well as doing things right. If your move is work-related your employer might or might not offer their help, so you may end up moving on a budget instead. Whatever the case you have to make sure you know what you’re doing. The best way to go about this initially is to make a rough estimate of what you need to move and to begin calling up moving companies to obtain free quotes. Doing this will give you some understanding on what the price range for your move may be. After that comes the interesting part:
1. Make some calculations
The best way to estimate your total cost for moving is to put down your basic expenses and to sum them up. This may include:

• Home repairs
• Rental expenses for your new home
• Security deposits
• Pet deposits
• Utilities
• Storage unit rental
• Moving supplies
• Moving services costs
• Tipping movers
• Food and beverage for any helping hands
• Travel expenses

If you don’t have enough money saved consider selling an extra vehicle if you have one, any furniture and clothes you don’t need and so on by holding a yard sale. In the absolute worst case before taking a loan you can even ask payment for vacation time not taken from your employer, thus sacrificing your days off for a little boost if that is possible. Remember you’re trying to be efficient so this may not be the most important thing at the moment.
Moving Budget Tips
2. Ways to save money
There are various paths you can take to do this so here are a few ideas:

• Obtaining boxes and packing materials cheap or for free
You can do this by asking for them at retail stores or buying them cheaply from storage companies as well. They have whole packages and kits especially meant for that purpose. If a friend of yours moved recently you can also ask for their boxes to assist you. Classifieds ads can offer a great way to buy lots of boxes cheap if you’re lucky so check those out as well. You can replace bubble wrap and packing peanuts with crumpled newspapers if need be and they will do pretty much the same job.

• Saving money on labor and packing
Pack your own boxes and thus save yourself money on packing service. A lot of companies offer that but if you have the time you should do it yourself to avoid the extra charges. This does create a problem with some insurance policies, however it is the cheapest way to do it. You can get a discount on storing your items if you decide to short-term consolidate them with the items of other customers. That is possible due to some storage spaces being overwhelmed and if you have fewer items to store that would otherwise take very little of a whole storage unit. Also ask your friends and relatives to help you with the move so you don’t have to bother with too much packing.

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