Farewell Kit Make Saying Good Bye Easier


My mommy received a farewell kit for the sole purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are 100% hers. 


Hey Folks,

Allie here. I want to take a moment and chat with you about something that we all don’t like to talk about but it is a harsh reality in life. That is the loss of your “Fur” babies. I know humans don’t like to think about losing their companions who always give unconditional love but folks as we know all good things must come to an end. (Sorry for the pun.)

Farewell  kit for Allie

I will have to admit when my mommy received the Farewell Kit – I was  a little scared. I kept thinking are they not telling me something, are the new kittens that somehow showed up at the door going to replace me and Okay where am I going? I soon realized my humans were being responsible parents of “fur” babies and making sure I leave this world in style.

I loved how Gracie, my big sister, had a chance to decorate the box that will hold my body after I have left this world to run through the fields of Heaven with my big sister, Winnie.

Not only does this give me an unique resting place but it will also allow my humans a little piece of mind when I leave for my forever home. The Farewell Kit not only comes with a coffin but also has a little guidebook to help with my future burial. I also love that it came with a workbook that will help my people in dealing with the huge loss that they will feel when I go to the great beyond.

So if you are a human with fur babies do the responsible thing and plan for when the time they depart from you. Hopefully that will be a long time in the distant future.

allie print


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  1. Makes me sad to think of our kitties leaving but this is a very valuable product. I really could have used this when our cat died a few years ago.

  2. Last winter our Husky passed away. she was 16 and I was so lost on what to do. Thanks for this

  3. This is great for people with pets as they are part of the family. My friend has a cat who has cancer and knows its time is short. This would be good to help her deal with the loss and I know it will be hard.

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