10 Common Foods That Can Be Lethal For Your Dog

Hey Folks,
Allie here with a brief introduction. I know you love your fur babies as much as my mommy loves me. That is why I am excited that she gets the opportunity to share this awesome infographic with you. I know we look cute when we beg but for the sake of your furbabies please don’t feed us any of these foods. Thanks now onto the information about the infographic.

Allie Simple Wags Infographic

There are many reasons why dogs are considered man’s best friend. They’re loyal, they love us unconditionally, and they’re just entirely too cute! Even though we can’t speak their language, there are about a million other non-verbal ways we can thank our dogs for making our lives better. We can rub their bellies, we can take them to the park, and last but not least, we can feed them!

Given how happy dogs make us, it’s no surprise how common it is for pet owners to slip their fur babies a little treat under the dinner table. While most of the time this is okay, if we’re not careful, certain foods can cause serious, even fatal health problems for our pets. The next time you’re tempted to share some food off your plate, make sure you’re not feeding your pup one of the ten most common foods that can be lethal to dogs.  And wondering if you should give your dog spinach? Use this infographic created by SimpleWag to ensure your pet’s safety.

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  1. Interesting info-graph. I am very surprised to see grapes and avocado on there!

    I knew about chocolate not being good for dogs, because I was in the waiting room of a veterinary hospital on Christmas day 2015 when 2 dogs were brought in. Both of them had eaten the Christmas chocolates lying on the table.

    They were given something to induce vomiting and were thoroughly checked, but it’s pretty scary.

    Luckily for them it all ended well, but it showed me that you can’t have any of these foods easily accessible as most dogs just suck it up like a vacuum cleaner.

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