4 Top Tips For Dog Owners On A Hectic Schedule

4 Top Tips For Dog Owners On A Hectic Schedule from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

We all love our pets and dog owners especially have that special bond with their pet, there is nothing to rival the love and attention that a dog can give you (sorry cat owners but it’s just true!). The flip-side of this wonderful, full on, loving relationship is that it is time-consuming and in today’s crazy, hectic world sometimes it can seem a little too much! This guide will give you some essential hints and tips on how to decrease stress and make things run smoothly.

Don’t Try And Do It All Yourself – Take A Break

It’s OK to ask for help and you’ll find that looking after a dog is not the most horrible favor for most people to do for you! My family used to watch our friends’ Border Collie for weeks at a time out of the year as she worked away, the kids loved it and the only down-side was giving him back when she returned. Even if your friends aren’t dog lovers (then you need to seriously look at new friends!) there are ways of avoiding expensive dog walking services or kennelling fees, think about using a service such as Borrow My Doggy which pairs up people who want a dog for short periods with people who need their dog watched, it’s a perfect marriage that suits both parties.

Don’t Forget To Get Healthy Food For Your Dog

There is a growing trend to avoid canned or packaged dog food and to home-cook your dog’s food which allows a much healthier lifestyle for your furry loved one. How will I find time for that though is the cry I hear from so many of you! Well don’t worry too much as I find it’s good to have a mix of making meals for the dog yourself and using one of the many services now available to have a fresh dog food delivery service straight to your door the rest of the time, this way you can be sure that your dog has a balanced diet all of the time without the stress.

Take Your Dog To Work

At first, this might sound a bit mad but you’d be surprised at how many workplaces now allow you to take a dog to work although you will need to check with colleagues and your employer first. But if everyone gives it the OK and it’s not distracting you from your tasks it can be a real mood lifter for the whole office to have a loving, cute companion around.

Involve The Whole Family

Remember it’s the family dog, not just your dog so why shouldn’t the rest of them take their share of the responsibility? Get the kids to do some of the walks to earn pocket money or alternate the days you and your partner are responsible for the dog care. If you all pitch in the task seems ultimately more manageable already.

So make sure you keep up with what needs to be done for the dog and remember, enjoy the time you have with them as dogs make life easier, happier and more fun (and just a little bit muddier too!).

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