Allie’s Letter To Santa

This post was made possible because my awesome Mommy is an Ambassador for Beneful. #FriendsWithBeneful.


Dear Santa,

Santa, I am going to be totally honest with you. I haven’t always been the nicest puppy. I can be a little stubborn and just the other day I tried to eat my sister’s, Gracie, biscuit. And when I was staying at LyLy’s house when the rest of my family was at a soccer tournament I tried to run away. LyLy opened the door, and I grabbed BunBun, my favorite toy, and made a break for it.

But Santa, I promise if you give me what is on my Christmas Wish List, I will be better. Plus I think this list might make up for all my mischief.


  • The first thing on my list is some Beneful dog food. Did you know that Beneful has real chicken and beef as their #1 ingredients? And that they don’t add sugar. My mommy says that is awesome because I am already hyper enough. Plus I can share with my sister, Tutu. She is such a sweetheart. Hey, I am not tattling or anything but she did get out last week. But she came running when Mommy called her. She is really a big puppy even though she is 11.
  • I wish Beneful made food for my kitty sisters. Even though I act like I don’t like them. I secretly admire them. And they have been sweet lately trying to give me kisses. But I still remember the time when Markie had her first litter of kittens and I got too close. She scratched me!! But that was a long time ago, so don’t hold that against her!
  • For all the furbabies in the shelters to find homes for Christmas. My heart breaks when I think about all those sweeties who have to spend the holidays without a family. Did you know that Winnie, Tutu’s Mommy, the first fur baby we had was a stray that my daddy rescued? I was told that it was love at first sight when the family met her! I am so glad that daddy told mommy, “If we are going to get a dog we ARE getting that dog.” She is what opened the door years later for me to come into their lives.


  • Lastly, Santa I know this is impossible but I would love if you could bring my Grampie back. On Christmas day, it will be two years since I have last seen him. And I know how much it would make my mommy, my sisters, and my Nana smile if they could see him again. Do you know that the last memory my mommy has of him was about me? He asked what I got for Christmas? And my cousin, Mason asked him if I was his favorite grandchild. And my Grampie said “YES”. I always knew it but it is always awesome to hear it.

Well, Santa, I am going to let you go now but if you could give me just one of the things on my list I would love it. I promise I will share. Oh and tell Rudolph and the other reindeer I said Hey.

Allie Sign Off for Beneful Post

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  1. Aw, too adorable! My dogs really like Beneful as well. It’s one of the few brands that my smaller dog (Maltese) can tolerate since he has such a sensitive stomach.

  2. How cute! If my dog could talk I could only imagine what she’d say. She is so spoiled she’d probably just say nevertheless stop cuddling with me PLEASE!!

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