Allie Talks Pet Preparedness

This post is sponsored by Purina. My mommy and I will be paid for it  but Pet Preparedness is something all fur baby parents should be know.

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Allie and Pet Preparedness

Allie here again. This time I want to talk to you about something important, that being prepared for your fur baby during an emergency. Recently, I have been through two floods. One that happened in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew and then just this past April when we had so much rain that the road was flooded again. I will have to admit that during that time I was really worried about my big sister Tutu and the cats Markie, Jinxy and Tyger.

That got me thinking about what our human parents can do to make sure that they are prepared for us in an emergency. And I am so glad that my mommy and I got the chance to attend a seminar with Dr. Kurt Venator and Purina.

I will admit that I was impressed with the questions that were asked of Dr. Kurt. I helped my mommy come up with some questions and one of them was about Tutu. We have noticed that Tutu has been having trouble getting up and down the stairs of our deck. My mommy is worried that if an emergency came up and we had to get out fast what would we do with Tu? Dr. Kurt suggested building a ramp so that we can get her in the car easier. He also suggested investing in a sling that will assist her to be more mobile. If a sling isn’t in the budget, a towel folded in thirds and placed under the abdomen will help her in her mobility. It will reduce the stress on their joints. And the fact that Tutu is older that is going to be a big help because I know that it is hard lifting her to get her into the car.

Allie with windblown hair pet preparedness

It was also suggested to have a pet emergency kit on hand. In this kit, it was suggested to put all

  • The medical records for all your pets in a waterproof bag
  • A harness for each pet. (But it is important to get your pet used to them before an emergency happens.)
  • Minimum of 7 to  14-day supply of food. It was suggested to label the food with a Sharpie by date and switch out the food every 6 months
  • List of emergency contacts as well as numbers to your veterinArian
  • Bottle water
  • Can food
  • Blankets
  • Collar – with Pet’s name and contact number just in case you get separated from your pets
  • A leash
  • A collapsible water and food bowl
  • Bandages
  • Medical tape
  • Booties to protect your fur baby’s paws from broken glass

Also, Dr. Kurt said that parents of fur babies need to check into those pet stickers to stick on the window that let emergency personnel know that there are fur babies in your house.

I will say that this pet preparedness seminar was not only awesome but also informative. Besides all the tips about the emergency kits. But the most important thing that my mommy and I got out of this was that more relaxed she is in an emergency the more relaxed I will be. Because I tend to feed off my mommy’s anxiety.  To learn more about pet preparedness along with other summer safety considerations for your pets, please tune into Purina’s upcoming Summer Safety and Travel Facebook Live which will take place on June 29 at 12 pm CT / 1 pm ET on the Purina Facebook page.

Stay Safe Until Next Time.

Allie Sign Off

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