How Beyonce’s Super Bowl Show Sent The Wrong Message

I hate that I have to add this preface to this post because it really saddens me. A post that was supposed to be how we are all need to come together as one nation was taken as racist. That was not my intended reason for this post. Should Beyonce be proud of her heritage yes by all means, but she is an icon that can do more to help bring together the divide between everyone in the country. Please read the follow-up to this article, called Assuming Can Be Harmful For Everyone Involved.

Beyonce's Super Bowl Show

As a mom of biracial children, I can say that I am outraged by the blatant disrespect that Beyonce showed during the Super Bowl halftime show as well in her new video. My question is how is this any different than any of the other controversy that has arisen? Even to this day my husband and I still get stares from people and my girls have been subjected to discrimination. We have always taught our girls to see beyond the color, nationality or religious beliefs of a person and to see the person behind it.

Why wasn’t her videos and Super Bowl performance banned from the airways like when other things are banned from government-owned properties? As well having prayer and any symbol of God removed from schools.

I totally understand how you have to stand up for your race, but not at the point where you degrade another race to get your point across. And if anyone else besides Beyonce had done just that they would have been raked over the coals, and public opinion would have crucified them. But yet Beyonce gets away with it. Just like Donald Trump gets raked over the coals for his opinions.

My point is that instead of creating a bond  she did was create more of a divide not only between races but among citizens and police officers.

The topic of police officers is a very touchy subject for me because I am the proud daughter of a Cop. My dad from 1976 until four years before he died in 2015 served as a police officer. He rose from the rank of Patrol to being Chief of Police in 2 different towns, and finally retiring as a Deputy Sheriff. I am not saying that there aren’t corrupt police out there because just like any group ( race included) there are some pretty bad people. But when we stereotype and say all those kind of people are like that, then that is when we hurt our society.

Nothing upsets me more than when people refer to Barack Obama as our First Black President because in fact he is our first multi-racial president. With so many multiracial families in this country today you would think that this would be embraced. But it is not.

It is not that simple  in this country anymore there is no simple  white, or black but only  shades of gray and it’s time that Americans open their eyes and finally see beyond color or uniform and see what is inside a person’s heart?

[Tweet “It’s time we open our eyes & see beyond color & see what’s inside a person’s heart?”]

I am disappointed in Beyonce as she had the perfect stage to bring us together instead she just divided us even more. It is sad that people who have the influence choose it for their agendas instead of what is best for our country.

In my opinion, all lives matter!!! I don’t care if you are black, white, Hispanic, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Muslim, Christian or whatever else you classify yourself as YOUR LIFE MATTERS!!!

P.S. On a mom note what are we saying to our children when we support the hatred of another race. We are just adding fuel to the already burning flames. That is why we have taught our girls that it is what inside that counts. Let me just say up until yesterday I was a Beyonce fan.

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