Green is the color




Green is the color that seems to be popping up everywhere. It can be seen in many shades from the brightest neon green to the soft pale shades of aqua. You can find the color in clothing, accessories and jewelry. I can see why. Green is the color of nature. If you look at the beauty of nature why would you not want to replicate that natural beauty in your style? Adding green will give a more youthful look and a more natural glow. Now that said not all shades of green look good on everyone. You need to choose the color palette that will suit your coloring and your body shape. I have found that in different shades look different in different seasons. Take for instance in the summer season I am able to wear the brighter shades because I am have spent more time out in the sun, so it does not wash me out. But in the winter season I choose those more muted shades of greens to wear as an accent piece for all those browns and blacks I wear during this time. Not matter what the season green is a color that will give you a more natural appearance.

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