Double Standard Real Housewives Backlash


real housewives backlash

One of my guilty pleasures is watching Bravo TV. From Real Housewives, to Below Deck to the their Original series I am hooked. Last week I sat back and watched the Real Housewives of Orange County and I was appalled. Vicki ( who has never been a favorite of mine) attacking Meghan was so juvenile. Not sure what I am talking about here is a little video to show you.

She keeps telling Meghan to grow up but in my eyes, Vicki is the one that needs to grow up. This is not the first time that Vicki has attacked someone for doing exactly what she does herself. She questioned Gretchen when her fiancé was dying from cancer. She is constantly giving unsolicited advice and when people call her out on it she attacks.

I believe that Meghan was genuinely concerned for Brooks and seeing her relationship with her husband’s ex-wife I can tell that she is close to her. I so can understand that she researched the alternative treatment because she thought it might help Leanne, the ex-wife to survive. I know that if my dad was still alive I so would have researched it as well. But let’s be real Meghan wasn’t the one who started all this, it was Vicki’s friends.

I think Vicki is hurting and is looking for a target and unfortunately Meghan is it. If you watched the clip you might have noticed that all the others ladies give Vicki a wide berth- because they all at one time have been bullied by Vicki.

Yes I can sympathize with Vicki- losing a parent is the worse thing ever- and for that my heart goes out to her. But just because you are hurting doesn’t give you the right to be nasty with others. And unfortunately, I think that the only way Vicki knows how to deal with sorrow is to lash out. I will pray that Vicki finds comfort over the loss of her mom and with Brooks’ cancer. But with cancer, if someone you love is affected by it, people deal with it differently. ( I have had both my dad and my sister taken away from me by cancer) some research it, some deny it, and some get mean and ugly. Now I am not saying that Meghan is without fault in this situation but she did try to apologize to Vicki about what Vicki thought she heard but Vicki at that point did not want to hear any of it and went on the attack.

All I have to say to these women- GROW UP!!

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