Living the Simple Life

Today is another post in the series about erasing the negative images we see every day. I hope you are enjoying this series as much as I have enjoyed sharing these brave women with you. Just in case you missed any of this series, you can catch up by clicking giving back in the menu.

Today on the blog, I am so proud to have the one who made me a mom, my oldest daughter Maddie sharing her favorite picture. Maddie has been writing on and off for me for years that is in between her studies. She is currently living the California Dream studying for a PH.D. in Environmental Toxicology and planning her August wedding.

Living the Simple Life from Adventures of Frugal Mom

Simplicity. Comfortability. Happiness.

These are a few words to which I attempt to live my life. We live in a fast-paced, increasingly superficial world that can almost absorb you if you are not careful. I chose this photo, because it reminds me of the happiness I can create from some of the simplest, most beautiful things in the world. I have never once regretted choosing a night-in rather than out, although it is good to experience life beyond your comfort zone… I feel it is equally important to appreciate your home and the genuine happiness created from conversation and laughter.

It is no secret that I absolutely adore my kittens, Myelin and Helix. They are the sweetest, most thoughtful animals I have ever met. I never knew the love you could feel for something non-human. My cats teach me to slow down and enjoy the moment. At the end of a long and starving day, I come home to two tiny creatures that rely on me to feed them and care for them. I fix their dinner and then fix my own. Shortly after I am rewarded with cuddles and kisses. I would do anything for those I love.

I chose this picture because this is my element. I am in my comfy clothes, underneath a blanket, surrounded by creatures that appreciate me and all I do. And best of all, my happiness can be shared with those I care for the most. This photo reflects my true, simple soul.  Because, what is so wrong with “the simple life?”

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