The Top 3 Things To Consider When Buying Interactive Dog Toys

The Top 3 Things To Consider When Buying Interactive Dog Toys from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Dogs have surpassed the test of time in being the most preferred pet that humans want to keep. They are exciting to play with, a source of security when intruders break into your house and a really good companion.

Dogs enjoy playing with interactive toys and so you need to get yours a few to play with. To help you out, here are the top 3 things to consider when buying interactive dog toys:

1. The Personality And Age Of Your Dog

Like humans, dogs have different personalities that best describe them. Understanding which personality type your dog is will go a long way in helping you determine which interactive toy you should buy for it.

Your dog may have a very confident personality meaning that it’s very bold and aggressive or it may be a timid dog that’s always shy and nervous. You wouldn’t want to buy a squeaky loud toy for a nervous dog as it may make it feel uneasy or a cuddly soft toy for an aggressive dog as it will tear it to pieces within minutes. Get the interactive toy that fits the personality of your dog.

It’s also important to consider the age of your dog. A young puppy will still have delicate teeth. It will be more convenient to get it a toy that won’t go harm on its teeth when it’s chewing on it. An older dog will be able to handle toys made of tougher material.

2. The Size Of The Interactive Toy

Interactive toys are defined not only with the material they are made of but also by the size of the dog they are suitable for. Dogs are in different sizes depending on their breeds as well as ages. A toy that is small enough for a small-sized Bolognese dog may easily be swallowed by a big sized Great Dane dog.

An interactive toy that is meant for a small dog may result in choking if swallowed by a big dog while a toy meant for a big dog may cause injuries to a small dog owing to the big size and tough material used to make it. Ensure that the size of the interactive toy is concurrent with the size of the dog.

3. The Purpose Of The Toy

Interactive toys serve different purposes. It may be that you want a toy that will help calm an extremely playful dog down or to make a lazy dog active and lively. It may be that you want a toy that will help you play with your dog and build a stronger bond with it or one that will keep the dog occupied while you run other errands.

You can opt for interactive toys that are physically and mentally stimulating and with treats that your dog can enjoy as a reward while playing. Some toys may also help in cleaning the teeth of your dog as it chews on them. Analyze the purpose for which you want the toy to serve then choose one that meets it.


There are so many interactive dog toys available to choose from and it may be a bit confusing and overwhelming deciding which toy is best for your dog. But we have you covered. Check out this interactive dog toys detailed review done by Dog Product Picker that will guide you on which toy to buy.

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