Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Elementary School Teachers

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Elementary School Teachers

Most folks have likely had a special teacher who helped make a big difference in their lives during their formative years. I remember doing a project back in first grade. We had to make a picture book, and, despite typing like a wizard now, I wrote at a snail’s pace back then. My teacher, Mrs. Thompson, helped me by typing my dictated words onto the computer. She printed and pasted them into the book, so I could focus on drawing the pictures. When the next picture book project came around, I did it all on my own. Good educators empower our kiddos, so it’s natural to want to give back. Whether y’all are looking for a gift for the holidays, birthdays, or as a way to say thanks, here are some thoughtful gift ideas for elementary school teachers.

A Movie Night

Maybe your kid has a teacher who loves going to the movies. If that’s the case, you can give a gift card to a nearby theater. You can even put this together in a fun way without breaking the bank by packaging it in a plastic popcorn container and gift wrap supplies from your local dollar store. Also, include some movie theater snacks—such as Milk Duds or popcorn.

Classroom Supplies

If you’re a practical person, you probably want your gifts to be something people can use. Consider gifting classroom supplies teachers need to make a real difference. Many educators have to buy supplies out of their own pocket due to a lack of funding, so this is a huge help.

Before going this route, you should determine what supplies are most needed. Here are some ideas:

  • Pencils and markers
  • Electric pencil sharpener
  • Notebooks

While those examples are common daily classroom supplies, why not level up a bit with your gift? Look around the room as there may be something lacking. An enclosed bulletin board is a complementary item in the room or hallway. Your son or daughter’s teachers will surely adore your gift as they love posting important school and classroom matters.

Tote Bag

Another practical and thoughtful gift idea for elementary school teachers is a tote bag. This can also be a useful way to gift wrap classroom supplies or special poetry books, should you decide to give those.

Even on its own, a tote bag still speaks volumes. Teachers can easily use it to transport their belongings from home to school. This could include their important papers, a laptop, a packed lunch, or a water bottle. To make the tote bag extra special, try to find one that has a design the teacher’s bound to love.

A Homemade Gift

Most folks love receiving homemade gifts. Going this route saves money and is especially fun if you’re a fan of DIY projects. Depending on what you decide to make, this can be the perfect way to get your little one involved in the fun.

You may want to create something that can go on the teacher’s desk. You and your child could make a name tag that you paint together. Another fun one could be creating wall decor for the classroom. One way of accomplishing this could be cross-stitching a cute school-themed design that everyone will love. I hope some of these gift ideas for elementary school teachers sparked an idea in your head.

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