How to Organize Your Writing Supplies

This post was made possible by Oriental Trading. 


There is nothing I love more than to take an item and give it a new purpose in life. And that is exactly what I did when it came to organizing my writing supplies. I gave an old wine rack and some plastic tumblers new life. Who would have thought that those two things would make something so beautiful and organized? Remember my word for this year is dedication. One of the ways I am being dedicated is getting rid of clutter. I have pens and pencils all over the place. So with that said I am going to show you how to organize your writing supplies with an old wine rack and some tumblers.

I have had this idea floating around in my head for some time now. But I never seemed to find the right pieces to fit into the wine rack. But when I was given the opportunity to work with Oriental Trading awhile back, my eyes fell on these Louisville Cardinals Tumblers and quickly added them to my list.


I hoped and prayed that these were the answer to my prayers and guess what they were. We painted them with spray paint that I had leftover from another project. One cup is a little different from the rest. Why? I only got eight tumblers and as you can clearly see there are nine holes. So we took an old Kasey Kahne  cup we had in the cupboard and spray painted as well. It was a little smaller but I betcha you can’t tell the difference. We spray painted the wine rack a darker gray to complement the silver.

Here are step by step instructions so you too can make your organizer.


Materials Needed:

  • Spray Paints ( any color of your choice, I used two colors for my rack)
  • Tumblers ( amount varies by how many bottles of wine the wine rack you are using holds.)
  • Wine Rack
  • Markers and Pens


  • Spray paint wine rack (allow to dry)
  • Spray paint tumblers (allow to dry)
  • Place tumblers in each opening.
  • Separate pens/ markers / pencils according to color.
  • Enjoy your new found organization skill for less.


So tell me how do you like the way I organize my writings supplies. Check back later to see how I dedicated to being clutter free with my desk.

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  1. I left a comment then it went away 🙁 great post. I subscribed, please keep the organizational and planner/craft/Diy posts coming!!!

  2. I love this idea! What a great way to repurpose something you already have. Jess at Just Jess

  3. I love this!!! I’m feeling inspired to do something similar because my pens and pencils are a wreck. I’d love to find something that will fit inside my desk drawer!

  4. What a great way to upcycle and get organized! I’m terrible for collecting pens and pencils and leaving them all over the house too 😀

  5. I do love a good organizing project!! Pens and craft items are always getting out of control, so this is great!! We have an “art table” at home and I have some organizers pretty similar to this. Funny how the crayons and markers still end up on the table though….we’re working on getting the items back in the bin after we use them! 🙂

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