DIY Halloween Lights Decorations

DIY Halloween Lights Decorations

A Halloween decor setup is only complete with a few spooky lights. Fill your yard with skeletons, ghosts, and other props that glow when lit.

Turn your empty milk gallons into ghosts by drawing faces on them and adding string lights. Soccer Mom Blog created this upcycled DIY using short battery-operated lights.

String Lights with Skulls

Add a creepy vibe to your haunted scene by adding some skulls to your decorations. These DIY projects are simple to make and add a spine-chilling glow to your home.

Save those white milk gallons you chugged down during September and turn them into spooky ghost lanterns. You only need to draw a face with a marker and insert tea lights inside.

Use a black vinyl ($1, Michaels) and card stock to create a “poison” label on a bottle, then attach it to a melamine plate with glue. To showcase your spooky décor, place the plate on a table or porch railings.

Add colored Halloween lights to your fixtures for ambiance, including orange or ominous blue tones. 

Twig Wreath with Spiders

Whether you want to greet trick-or-treaters with a ghoulish wreath or add spooky flair to your home, Halloween wreaths are an easy way to set the mood. Choose from grapevine wreaths nestled with crows, foam forms studded with spiders, and more.

To make this spooky DIY wreath, start with a twig wreath base. Wrap it with black yarn to create a spiderweb, then tuck plastic spiders between the webs.

Use a length of string to hang the wreath. Tie one end of the string to an inconspicuous spot on the wreath and stretch it across to the opposite side, crisscrossing to form an asterisk shape. Repeat for each row.

This owl wreath is less foreboding than foreboding, courtesy of a few craft store supplies. To make it, glue moss to a foam wreath base. Next, hot glue a handful of garlic cloves to the wreath with their roots exposed (you can use artificial ones if you wish). Hang it using a piece of jute ribbon.

Calligraphy Frame with Poisonous Apples

It’s hardly Halloween without a graveyard scene, a spooky tablescape, and other decorations that take the fright factor to a new level. For example, this spooky calligraphy frame with poisonous apples will leave your guests spellbound when they visit.

Another way to bring out the spooky side of your home this October is by using patterned decor, like this cute ghost pillow and matching blanket. And remember the yard! A haunted-looking garden can be a great way to greet trick-or-treaters.

Add on-theme lighting to your outdoor space with this pick that mimics a cobweb with 250 LED lights. It’s lightweight enough to hang from a tree or balcony, and the battery-operated design can last up to 120 hours. This eerie selection is available in multiple colors, too.

BlissBulb on Your Front Door

Greet trick-or-treaters with a bright Halloween front door. Use a spray-on color like pink to create a fun message for visitors, then surround it with stacked candy corn wreaths for a festive touch.

Give a house a haunted look for Halloween with this spooky yard display. Create a mummy by wrapping a mannequin in the bandage, then suspend gourds painted white with ghostly expressions from porch rafters for a spooky scene that will spook and confuse.

BlissLights are the perfect way to illuminate your home for Halloween without overpowering your décor or distracting it. Using holographic technology that creates starry skies, these bulbs twist right into standard light sockets but leave your guests with an experience far from the ordinary. Make a starry path to your front door for a magical ambiance, or use them throughout the home for a unique lighting experience that’s sure to impress. The possibilities are endless!

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