Create A Valentine Display Using Recycled Items

Create a Valentine Display Using Recycled Items

I haven’t been in the mood to decorate lately. To be honest, I haven’t been in the mood to do much of anything this past week but, I am always inspired by my friend, Cindi. When I see the things that she creates I just have to go for it. This fireplace display started with Cindi posting a picture of the banner she made for her fireplace this Christmas and then it took on a  life of its own.

valentine's banner

The first thing I did was grab some scrapbook paper and cut out some triangles. I had some letters leftover from my teaching days and was very lucky that I found all the ones that I needed for the banner. I attached the letters to the triangles using regular tape. I then draped yarn that I had on hand across the fireplace. Once again that  scotch tape came in handy as that is what I used to tape the triangles to the yarn. Yep folks it was that simple.

Valentine's display wreath recycled items

The next thing I went about changing was the wreath. I love making yarn wreaths, I had made a gray one a while back but never put the finishing details on it. But if you want to make one for yourself then here are the instructions. Oh and by the way that is my friend Cindi in the picture with me.  I found the Mr & Mrs. wood cutout and well as the Love and love bird details in the craft section at my local Walmart. I just hot glued them to the wreath. The flower I had leftover from another project.

valentine fireplace screen

I think the longest part of the project was the fireplace screen. I used two cans of white spray paint to paint the pallet. Then I drew by hand the heart in the middle. I am no artist by any means so it took a little bit of time and alot of erasing and starting over. I used red paint to fill in the heart. Then with permanent markers I wrote our names on the top of the pallet. Then I added the names of our babies, the girls and our furbabies. Then in the middle of the heart I wrote ” Every Love Story is Beautiful but ours is my favorite.”

valentine's fireplace display

And how much did all of this cost me? 

$1.94 for 2 cans of white spray paint

$2.00 The Love and bird detail

Mr and Mrs Valentine

$0.97 for Mr. and Mrs. Wood Cut out

Free- Yarn

Free- Pallet

Free- Red paint

Free- Scrapbook paper

Free- yarn

Free- Letters

Free- Wreath

Total cost $4.91

See you don’t have to spend a lot to create a unique display.

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Valentine display Recycled items


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  1. Since we own a recycling company we have a lot of pallets. I love seeing all the various ideas people come up with to reuse the pallets they get. My husband does all kinds of things with the ones we can’t sell.
    This is beautiful Valentine’s Day display. Thank you for sharing your idea with us.

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