DIY A Bible Journaling Desk

This post was made in conjunction with Anne Geddes Baby Nursery Collection.

I have searched for a while to find a desk that would be perfect to hold my Bible Journaling supplies and a place that when I see it, I am not overwhelmed with the stacks of paper and to do lists piled on top. As I was browsing through a yard sale site, I saw where there was a writing desk for sale for less than $20. That desk was exactly what the doctor ordered. Although it was in pretty good shape there were a few improvements that could be done; you know how much I love a project.

DIY Bible Journaling Desk

So I grabbed it up and immediately started working on it. The one big problem with the desk was that the top was damaged. There was no amount of paint or sandpaper that would fix this cosmetic blemish. But like with makeup, I found a way to disguise it easily.

Anne Geddes Baby Nursery Paint DIY Bible Journaling Desk

The first thing I did was sand the desk down, And then using paint from Anne Geddes ( Yes the famous baby photographer) paint line I got to work. I will admit that I totally should have used primer on the desk first, but I was in such a hurry to get it done. I think if I had used a primer the desk would have taken fewer coats of paint.  But there is no telling me anything when I am on a mission.

DIY Bible Journaling Desk Contact Paper

So while I was waiting for the fourth coat of paint to dry, I found myself on Pinterest looking for ways to cover the scratched up wood. I thought maybe I could take off the piece of wood and replace it. But then I thought about contact paper. This led me to let my fingers do the walking on Amazon, and I found some awesome contact paper that looked like wood. This was the perfect cosmetic fix for that scarring. And it was so easy to apply and looks like a million bucks.

Inspiration Board DIY Bible Journaling Desk

I redid my inspiration board and added some things that mean a lot to me. Plus adding a holder for my pens and color pencils for the journaling. And I will say that I now have a place where I can calm my thoughts and just breathe.

DIY Bible Journaling Desk

So tell me what do you think about my new place of contentment?


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  1. The desk looks as good as new now! I love your inspiration board and how you’ve decorated the space around it.

  2. You did an amazing job! I love how the desk turned out. My mom has a special Bible journaling desk herself. It’s such a special place in her home.

  3. You did an amazing job! Your desk area looks beautiful. My mom has a special Bible journaling area in her home. It’s such a special place.

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