#PutYourHeartToPaper This Valentine’s Day

I received a mixture of cards from Hallmark for their #PutYourHeartToPaper Campaign. All opinions expressed are 100% mine.

Heart to Paper

Saturday is an important day for most. It is the day that is designated to show love. Yep that dreaded Valentine’s Day for those that are single and sometimes for those that are in relationships. This year Valentine’s Day will be different for us. My oldest is away at college, my husband has to work so it will be just my two youngest and myself. But wait it won’t just be me and my girls, we are also including my mom in the celebration. Being that this is the first Valentine’s Day without my dad, we wanted my mom to feel included. So our Valentine’s Day will consist of movies, pizza and lots of stories and tons of Valentine’s cards.

That is why I am so excited that I was picked to be part of the #PutYourHeartToPaper campaign that Hallmark has. Their cards are so awesome. Each one of my girls got to pick out a card for my mom so she can be flooded with Valentines. I know that my dad is looking down from heaven and smiling at all that we are doing. Until I lost my dad I never knew what each holiday missing someone meant. Sure, I lost my sister almost 20 years ago but I was also pregnant at the time so the first year of missing her was eased by having my little Maddie to take my mind off of things. So not only am I sending valentines to friends who have lost their loved ones just to show them that I am thinking of them.

And with the new line of cards from Hallmark you find just the right card for everyone on your list.

So tell me how are you showing your love this Valentine’s day? Think of those that have lost loved ones and share some love with them as well. Sometimes it is that one little gesture when you #PutYourHeartToPaper that will make a difference.  So I challenge you to #PutYourHeartToPaper and show that you care.

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  1. We actually don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. The kids do an exchange with their classmates at school, but my hubby and I don’t do a thing.

  2. I love Hallmark cards!!! They’ve already been bought this year for my family as I will be out of town during Valentine’s Day! We don’t go any holiday without Hallmark!

  3. My Mom is visiting my niece in South Carolina this year so I won’t be celebrating at all this year. I am terrible with cards–yes–I buy then–then misplace or forget them! I really have to make a concerted effort to send out those Hallmark cards I buy!!

  4. I like showing my love year around by simple deeds, but for Valentine’s day I usually buy my children something cliche (chocolate and candy)

  5. Awww it sounds like that despite celebrating a bit different it is going to be special in its own way.

  6. I just got my hubby stuff today. I pour my heart out all the time to him, Valentine’s won’t be any different this year! Card wise esepcially:)

  7. Such a cute card. I am still trying to decide what to do for our house for Vday. I was considering a card from each of us to the entire family. I love having cards, but I don’t now what to do with them!

  8. I love Hallmark, they have such a great selection. I need to go get my husband a anniversary card at Hallmark!

  9. Hallmark always has the best cards! We don’t do much at home, but the girls like to participate in the Valentine Party at school. They love doing card exchanges there!

  10. I love Hallmark. There’s definitely something special about giving and getting a handwritten card or note.

  11. I don’t typically send out valentine’s day cards, but honestly I like receiving them. Handmade ones are always good

  12. Great ideas – I like some of these meaningful cards. Honestly we can’t all be poets and crafty, that’s why Hallmark and the like are in business!

  13. Handmade cards are by far the best, just knowing someone put in that much effort and work is very heart warming.

  14. I love Hallmark cards they always have a great selection. I mailed out cards to my family in Florida today.

  15. Hallmark always has the best cards! My mother in law sends us one every holiday that is so special. Its always a hallmark.

  16. I love Hallmark cards & have been using them & have so much of their collections since my young age. #PutYourHeartToPaper Campaign sounds really awesome & great a little gesture as well. Wishing your loved ones with a card is always a great moment to love.

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