Things I Learned as a Soccer Mom This Year

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This year has been an eye opener as far as attending soccer games this year. This was the first time any of my girls played in middle school, and  I found out very quickly that it is whole different ballgame than high school. Did you know that some middle schools where we played did not have a dedicated field for soccer and forget a place to sit and watch the games!  After the first game of sitting on the grass, I quickly made a soccer mom survival kit. (I guess I have gotten spoiled by sitting bleachers watching my first two play for their high school. )

So here are a few things that I have learned to keep in my car for soccer games.

Soccer Mom Essentials for Games

  • Bottles of Water- Gracie played in some of the hottest parts of the day, so I always had water handy.
  • Ice packs- I always had a bag of ice packs ready to go in my freezer, so I can grab them as I was walking out the door. Not only were these ideal for injuries, but because of Gracie’s epilepsy we have found that if she got to overheated, she could have a seizure. So these were on hand for her to use at halftime if needed.
  • An Umbrella- And I am not talking about a small umbrella. Nope, I am speaking about those huge golf umbrellas. They are awesome because sometimes they played in the rain.
  • Stadium seats- I would use these if they did have bleachers for a little bit of back support for me.
  • A blanket – Because even though soccer is a spring sport, North Carolina weather can be very bipolar and we could be hot one day and two days later being cold.
  • A cooler with wheels- A lot of times this didn’t make it the game, but on those days when we had snacks for the team, this was so much easier to roll out to the field, especially the times when my husband had to work and could not make the games.
  • Folding Armchairs- This were very necessary during Gracie’s games. Not sure what I am talking about these are usually the chairs that you see most people involved in Sports & Leisure use. They come with their own little carrying case and fold up easily.

So those are the lessons I learned as soccer mom this year. It is amazing after eight years of watching the other two girls play; I learned new things this season. So tell me what lesson have you learned as a sports mom?

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  1. I really enjoyed this – thanks! I agree 100% with the water tip, it’s surprising how badly dehydration can affect kids.

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