Adventure – My 2023 Word of the Year

Adventures My 2023 Word of the Year

So now the post I promised you yesterday a while ago, my 2023 word of the year- Adventure. As I said, I have had this blog for over 10 years and this is the first-time Adventure is my word of the year. I was sitting in the Blog cabin one day racking my brain about what my word should be, and then it hit me, I could have smacked myself when the word Adventure popped into my head- like really I had a duh how thick-headed could I be, I mean my blog is called Adventures of Frugal Mom duh… So this post is about how I am going to apply the word adventure this year.


Of course, the first thing you think about when you think about the word adventure is traveling. And there is a lot of traveling on my list this year. I already have one trip coming in March to Nashville, and tentative plans to visit Charleston, SC, my fingers are crossed for another trip to California. Plus there are some international trips that are possibilities- we have a niece in Mexico who will be having her quince anos in December. My two youngest girls are planning a trip to Canada, and I am gonna see if momma can tag along. (Fun fact about me – my great Grandma Burroughs was from Canada). And I am also hoping to make it work to go on a mission trip with Unearth Hope to Guatemala. ( Of course all these trips, I leave in God’s hands.)

PS. I also have a secret wish list trip to visit a dear friend and a new baby in Michigan. She knows who she is 😉

Adventure with God

Every day with God is an adventure. But I want to adventure more in my faith. Diving daily into the word and letting God guide me in my travels. That is one of the things I know for sure is that wherever I go, I will bring God as my co-pilot. And of course, on most of these trips, Gracie will be along for the ride.

Adventures My 2023 Word of the Year

Adventures with Trying New Things (New Experiences)

I can’t wait to try new things. One of the new things I will be experiencing is a road trip that is longer than 6 hours. Nashville here we come. I can’t wait to see what new experiences God has planned for me.

Adventure with New Food

Last year when I went to California, I experienced and tried foods new to me and I fell in love. If you have ever tried Japanese Cheesecake, you know what I mean. If you haven’t, then I suggest you go find one. It is unlike any other cheesecake you have ever tasted. I also tried mochi and homemade ramen as well. I have already taken several adventures already this year with food. In fact, I documented one here.

Adventure to Meet New People

I know I keep going back to my trip to California last year, but y’all that was the biggest breakthrough for me. I really enjoyed my time there and I got to meet some of my oldest daughter’s friends and they are adorable. In fact, Tess and Ariana sent me the cutest present for Christmas and even included the fur babies. They are so sweet and one of the highlights of 2022 for sure. I can’t wait to see what 2023 brings.

P.S. This means stepping outside of my comfort zone – I am already making that step by meeting up with other women small business owners on the first Monday of every month. I will let you know how that goes.

Adventuring to Explore Different Modes of Transportation

Last year, I flew on a plane for the first time since college and this year I have several car trips and maybe even a train trip planned. We were supposed to take a train to Nashville and then get a Lyft or Uber but do you know that trains don’t run from NC to Tennessee? We would have had to take a bus to get there so it will be the ultimate road trip for Gracie and me. ( Look for our travels on Instagram and my other blog.) But we do plan on taking a train to Charleston.

Adventuring to Explore New Places Near Me

Yes, I want to explore new places near me. Last year, I discovered an old battleground that was new to me and I even walked the trail. There are so many different adventures that I can take in my town that I can’t wait to share them with you here and here (coming soon).

Taking an Adventures Inside Books

This year I vowed to read more and I have set two goals for myself. One is one GoodReads ( you can follow me there) and one is through my Kindle. I will keep you updated on my goals. But if you like reading like I do then you will want to check out Reading with Frugal Mom.

In conclusion, my 2023 Word of the Year is adventure. This means taking risks, trying new things, and embracing life’s unexpected moments with an open heart. I plan to explore far-flung places, get lost in books, and make a few mistakes along the way. I am determined to make this year my most adventurous yet! So join me in exploring all that life has to offer – you never know what surprises await!

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