Planning for 2021 with Satin Journals

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Planning for 2021 with Satin Journals from NC Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom 9

Can you believe it is almost a new year? 2021 is coming in quick, it just seemed like yesterday that Covid hit and we got the stay at home order at the beginning of the year. Now we are facing a new year with a lot of uncertainty and a lot more things that are unknown for the new year to come. But that doesn’t mean you can’t at least plan for some things in the new year. In the middle of this year, I wrote a post about some of the things I was looking forward to in 2020 and although some of those things didn’t happen I still feel blessed that I was able to pivot and that the family is still intact. And now I am planning for 2021.

But before I get into my plans for this year, let me tell you about last year. I was able to pivot some of my plans for 2020 and I even came up with new ones. I currently have my own talk show and podcast called Chats from the Blog Cabin. I am working on expanding my mastermind and I have even started coaching and teaching about blogging. IF you had asked me at the beginning of 2020 that all this would have happened I would have looked at you like you had 2 heads. But it did happen. 

Although some of the plans I had for 2020 didn’t pan out they are still in the back of mind for the future. Who knows they happen in 2021- I am not shelving them just yet. But let’s get back to 2021- planning for the future. I will be writing a blog post about my word for next year,but I will go ahead and tell you now my word is refine. ( I will tell you the story about this word in another post, but just let it sit and marinate with you.) So with that word in mind, I am going to take the time next week before the year ends and the new one begins to think about what I really want for next year. 

I have been thinking a lot about what I would like my 2021 to look like. But next week, I am going to travel to the back of our property to sit by the brook and listen to the babbling water to really define what I want out of it. ( Sidenote: I have always known there was a ditch at the back of our property but I never ventured back that far because of fear- this past week I walked with my husband to the back of the property and I knew I was going to have him clear a path and put a table and chair back there for me. It is just that peaceful. Promise a picture and post will be coming soon about this. ) 

Planning for 2021 with Satin Journals from NC Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom 9

So next week, when I journey back there to be alone with my thoughts, I will carry a few things with me. One will be my Bible and my devotional, I will pray that God will give me discernment for the plans for 2021 and I will also carry pages of my Satin Journal that I have printed off and put in this Each Day is a Blank Canvas ….. Go and Make Some Marks and divided each section with these tabs. In my planner, I am going to record my goals for 2021- goals for the entire year and goals for each month. I am glad that there is a sheet that will help me keep track.

Planning for 2021 with Satin Journals from NC Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom 9

And then for each month, there is a calendar page with ideas and a reminder list of things I need to do that month. I also love that there is a habit tracker because I need to get better about exercising now that the months have turned a little cooler. 

Planning for 2021 with Satin Journals from NC Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom 6

My favorite part of the Satin Journal is the 2021 Vision Board. I am a huge advocate of Vision Boards. Instead of making a board that encompasses the whole year I made 12 copies to cover the whole year. I have one big vision for the year, but I have broken them down into 12 achievable goals. How cool is that? 

I also added to this binder some blogging worksheets and some notebook paper so that I can record my ideas for future posts. I am going to be more laser-focused on what I want from 2021. And one of those things is working with people and companies that I truly believe in. And I believe in Satin Journals. I fell in love with them as soon as I saw the vision board- because that starts my creative juices flowing. I have teamed up with the team from Satin Journals to give you a 20% discount on all products. Just go to this page and enter the code MELISSA at checkout to get your discount. 

They have a printable version as well a digital journal that you can use on your iPad or Tablet with an Apple Pencil or Stylus. 

So tell me how are you planning for the new year?

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